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How much money to add refrigerant, car air conditioning refrigerant pressure standard is how much?

by:Arkool     2020-07-01
Today we give everybody introduction, car refrigerants with how many money, how much is a standard car air conditioning refrigerant pressure, as the weather is getting hot, people are increasingly manic, especially in an airtight narrow space pilot, as if in a bamboo steamer, but thanks to the car air conditioning below we will introduce you to the car how much money to add refrigerant, automotive air conditioning refrigerant pressure, how much is the standard hope can help to you. Automotive air conditioning refrigerant pressure standard - — Introduction to the so-called automobile air conditioning refrigerant is usually says of freon, the market is also referred to as the 'snow' or is called 'refrigerant', divided into environmental protection, R134a) And the environmental protection, Mainly F12) 。 The refrigerant pressure gauge is also called the refrigerant tables or fluorine table. Is used to measure the pressure in the refrigeration system, and its different stages is mainly used to detect system refrigerant pressure value, using the people hold is equipment running status and now our country on the refrigerant pressure gauge accuracy is reached 2. Level 5. 1. Under the condition of compressor 1500 ~ 2000 RPM, high pressure, The exhaust pressure) In 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 mpa, low pressure, Suction pressure) At zero. 15 ~ 0. About 35 mpa as normal. Depending on different vehicle air conditioning system matching and environmental temperature. 2. In the case of idle speed, Engine 700 ~ 900 RPM) , if the environment temperature is high, such as the summer the sun point-blank, high pressure may be slightly higher, up to 2. 5 ~ 2. About 8 mpa, but generally not more than 3. 1议员。 Automotive air conditioning refrigerant pressure standard - — How to determine whether the refrigerant add 3 - generally Cars are 5 years do not need to add refrigerant, but sometimes poor refrigerant refrigeration effect is also need to add. A: open air conditioning normal after a period of time, the wind to the body feel very cool and can quickly reach the set temperature, outdoor compressor can be like a refrigerator. Work for a moment stopped for a moment that would suggest that is normal, otherwise it may need refrigerant. Way 2: use thermometer to measure the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of indoor machine difference in 8 ℃ above the bigger the temperature difference is normal, that air conditioning work, the more thoroughly up to about 15 ℃, and the difference of less than 8 ℃ might need to add refrigerant. Three ways: boot after more than ten minutes to open the indoor machine panel, should see wear full aluminium on the evaporator tubes on the part of heat exchange, uniform humidity of the air is full of condensed water such as normal age less than vice, if half half no is likely to be short of refrigerant. Such as local frost or ice are not normal. Pattern 4: use the user can view more than half a year, pipe joints and the house the valve, if there is a clear sign of oil spill, if there are any obvious leakage or suggests that the machine has a leak, fluorine miscibility because oil, the oil will leak fluoride, fluoride will leak leakage. Automotive air conditioning refrigerant pressure standard - — How much more appropriate general car indicated how many grams, add 300 grams to 600 grams, usually three or four bottles of refrigerants can add to five or six bottles, mainly see the pressure gauge, air conditioner, compressor, the work of high pressure around 200, 20 - low pressure Around 30. If the refrigerant is enough, so why don't air conditioning and refrigeration? May be: lack of refrigerant, refrigerant leakage, non-condensable gas in the system or refrigerant gas, liquid storage tank, the dry gas filter clogging, expansion valve, filter clogging, system oil content too much, control valve failure ( Variable displacement) Or have leakage, pipeline jam. Above, is to introduce you to our car and how much is the refrigerant, automotive air conditioning refrigerant pressure, of course, how much is the standard in all things, there is a degree of too much is not good, not too little, still have to grasp the standard. Not enough can create refrigeration result is bad, too much can cause the compressor does not work or damage.
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