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How much do you know about understanding of freon?

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
We all know that normal refrigeration air-conditioning, mainly through the freon, as is a kind of air conditioning refrigerant, but people all know freon is also has some damage, with a certain risk, but the harm of freon refrigerant is a lot of people don't have, you will need to have a correct understanding, freon refrigerant at the same time should pay attention to what, used correctly, can reduce the harm. The harm of freon refrigerant? 1, can replace freon gas oxygen in the air. The gas in most stranded at lower and ventilated not free, cause severe hypoxia environment, in the environment or the residence time is too long, can cause suffocation freon encounter with open flame out from lack of oxygen and under the effect of moisture at the same time, can rapidly decompose generate phosgene, nitrogen, fluoride acid, hydrochloric acid, chlorine gas, carbon monoxide and other poisonous and harmful gases. Freon is considered, but the mixed with air at a certain concentration, can lead to people also happened suffocation accidents of death or serious injury by freon 113 gas has a sweet taste. 2, when it holds a high concentration of gas can hurt on-site staff of the central nervous system, make the inattention, dizziness, headache, movement disorder. Excessive intake and time is too long, inhibiting respiratory functions, leading to coma and even death. Eye contact with the gas and liquid are strong stimulation, pain, swelling, tears. Liquid splashes skin to make skin skin is dry, alligator, redness, inflammation and other hazards. Freon can also destroy the ozone in the atmosphere at the same time, the decomposition, leading to the sun's ultraviolet rays can not get filtering and weakened, and the environment have a great harm to human body. Freon refrigerant use pay attention to? 1, the refrigerant for low-pressure liquefied gas, holding the refrigerant container belongs to the second class pressure vessel, if filling, management, and improper use, easy to accidents. Therefore, in the filling, transportation, storage and use, must comply with the relevant provisions. 2, cheng fang refrigerant cylinders must pass a test, to ensure that can withstand the pressure. Defective appearance, can guarantee security or the expiration of the period for inspection container, filling is allowed. When filling refrigerant, does not allow more than safe filling quantity. 3, during transportation and storage, containing refrigerant cylinders should prevent sun point-blank, and exposure, and shall not be close to the heat source and the impact. (4), the cylinder valve commonly used a cap or iron cover to protect it, after use must take off the cap or iron cover remounted, in case in the process of handling damage by impact. 5, when the cylinder valve freeze, forbidden roasted with fire, and should move to a warmer place or with lukewarm thaw. 6, when the refrigerant used up in the cylinder, should immediately close the control valve, so as not to leak into the air or water. 7, refrigerant should avoid touching the skin, can't touch the eyes. 8 and found a large number of osmotic quantity refrigerants, must open the doors and Windows, otherwise it will cause suffocation. The harm of freon refrigerant is actually pretty big, but when people freon when the choose and buy, be sure to pay attention to the brand. Good freon in use will be more at ease, and less harm, freon refrigerating machine use what note at the same time, please related professionals for you to introduce, such ability can have better understanding.
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