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How much car air conditioning refrigerant, automotive air conditioning refrigerant plus doesn't go in

by:Arkool     2020-07-16
Summer besides is the season of high frequency use air conditioning, and air conditioning problems a lot of the outbreak of the season. And for general problem of air conditioning, refrigerant leakage accounted for most of these reasons, so when we are considering the leak, when charging refrigerant should add how much? If air conditioning refrigerant and don't go in? How much of a raise car air conditioning refrigerant? Different levels of the vehicle's air conditioning refrigerant filling capacity is different, generally for the ordinary family car, the air conditioning need to refill 500 - probably About 800 g of refrigerant. Of course, if is a large SUV or MPV, cold media will be more in need of filling. Automotive air conditioning refrigerant plus doesn't go in? In general, when the pressure test of pumping air into vacuum state, still appear the phenomenon of refrigerant and don't go in, then most likely caused by congestion exist in the air conditioning system. And only after blockage problem trying to solve, we can normal filling air conditioning refrigerant. Note: charging refrigerant, or because of refrigerant charging, congestion problems, it will need to use special tools and equipment, at the same time also need to operating personnel with a certain foundation of automobile air conditioning. So we suggest you'd better to go to 4 s shop for processing, if oneself start work, it will backfire.
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