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How many kinds of refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-14
Domestic general refrigerant is defined as saturated hydrocarbons ( Mainly refers to methane, ethane and propane) The floorboard of the halogen content, according to this definition, can be divided into three classes of CFC, as, HFC, etc. What kind of refrigerants used in refrigeration industry are: r11, r12, r113? , r115, R123, R125, everything, R141b, R142b, R143a, R152a, R218, R22, R236fa, R227ea, R23, R32, R41, R290, R600, r600a, R1270, hexafluoropropylene, r404a, 44% r143a r125 and 52% and 4% of the 134 a) 替代工质r407C, R406A R405A R407A R407B, ( And 25% of the 23% of r32 r125 and 52% of everything) ,R407E R407D R408A R409A, r410A ( And 50% of the 50% of r32 r125) ,R415B R410B R416A、R418A r500 ( 73. 8% of the r12 and 26. 2% of r152) 同( 48. 8% of r22 and 51. 2% of r115) R503, R507A, R508A, R508B, R509A, etc. 1. CFCS classes: referred to as 'CFC, in the global top ten environmental problems, at the top of the list is the loss of the ozone layer, the second is the greenhouse effect and global warming. The increase of uv radiation of destruction of the ozone layer, increase the popularity of infectious diseases and skin cancer. The increase of greenhouse gas lead to global warming, sea level rise. Synthetic chemicals CFCS ( Chlorofluorocarbons, CFCs) In the process of the two all play an important role. Mainly includes the r11, r12, r113? , r115, r500, r114, etc. , due to the destruction of the ozone layer and is the largest, has been the Montreal protocol as a kind of controlled substances. Such material is currently bans the use, in the process of manufacture of polyurethane sponge, r11 by r141b as transitional substitutes. 2. Hydrogen CFCS: as for short, mainly including r22, r123, r141b and r142b, ozone depletion coefficient is only a few percent of r11, therefore, at present as kind substance is regarded as CFC type of the most important transitional alternative material. R22 were limited in the Montreal protocol in 2020, r123 are limited in 2030, developing countries can postpone for 10 years. 3. Hydrogen fluoride hydrocarbons, referred to as 'HFC, mainly includes everything, r125, r32, r407c, r410a, r152, ozone depletion coefficient is 0, but warming ozeme depletion potential is very high. In the Montreal protocol has not stipulated the use period, in the United Nations framework convention on climate change as a greenhouse gas in the Kyoto protocol.
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