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How long will air conditioning refrigerant with a more appropriate?

by:Arkool     2020-05-15
Convenient air conditioning refrigeration and heating, almost every household has become the necessary household appliances, but air conditioning will not refrigeration or heating occur frequently, which are generally air conditioning caused by lack of refrigerant, so what is the air conditioning refrigerant? Netizens are usually think air conditioning refrigerant is fluorine chlorine, actually this is one-sided, air conditioning refrigerant below we will give you about what is and how often air conditioning refrigerant and knowledge. What is air conditioning refrigerant - Summary of air conditioning refrigerant refrigerant is the working medium of air conditioning refrigeration cycle, refrigerant through evaporation in the evaporator heat absorption, condensed in the condenser heat cycle to achieve the goal of refrigeration. Current can be used for material has more than 80 kinds of refrigerants, ammonia and freon is the most commonly used class, water and a small number of hydrocarbons, etc. At present, air conditioning refrigerant generally has two kinds, one kind is refrigerant R22, the other is a new refrigerant R410A. R22 refrigerant is our common fluorine chlorine, also is the present domestic most of the air conditioning refrigerant, it has serious damage to the atmospheric ozone, all by the year 2020 will be banned. And international famous brands such as samsung, daikin, trane fluorine machine use of refrigerants are new refrigerant R410A, in the atmosphere without damage, it is more healthy environmental protection, so using new refrigerant R410A refrigerant air conditioning is better. What is air conditioning refrigerant - Air conditioning refrigerant works in refrigeration air conditioning runs, after low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas is the compressor suction pressure into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas, high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas passes through the condenser ( General air conditioning is air cooled, namely the cooling tubes outdoor) Heat release in the outdoor heat exchanger, become a medium temperature high pressure liquid ( Heat away by circulating air outdoor) , and medium temperature high pressure liquid into the low temperature low pressure liquid after capillary expansion depressurization, pass through the low temperature low pressure liquid refrigerant evaporator ( Indoor machine of brass) Heat evaporates into low temperature low pressure gas ( Indoor air through the heat exchanger surface is cooling, achieve the purpose of make indoor temperature drops) , and the low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas in the compressor, so cycle. In general, air conditioning refrigerants in air conditioning system is a compression - - - - - - - Condensation - - - - - - - Inflation - - - - - - - A cycle of evaporation. What is air conditioning refrigerant air conditioning refrigeration cycle diagram - air conditioning refrigerant is How long is the air conditioning refrigerant plus a lot of people think that freon must add once a year, this idea is not right, or understand the above is a little deviation. Sealing good air conditioning, a few years does not leak point freon, refrigeration effect is very good, so, don't need you to another to add freon. Only when the machine starts to appear refrigeration effect is not good, only need to contact maintenance personnel, plus some freon. Don't blindly believe in the so-called must add once a year, there is no scientific reason. What is air conditioning refrigerant, popular, air conditioning refrigerant freon and new refrigerant R410A, advanced technology of air conditioning are now using the new refrigerant R410A for refrigeration system. Do not need often add air conditioning refrigerant, as long as the air conditioning system sealing is good, can need not add a few years, only when the machine starts to appear the refrigeration effect is not good situation to consider whether to add refrigerant.
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