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How long auto refrigerant plus one is normal, how to identify the car air conditioning refrigerant missing?

by:Arkool     2020-07-22
If the summer air conditioning not refrigeration, this to the owner a friend is an annoyance. Of course, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. But the most reason probably is the lack of refrigerant. So for refrigerant, friend how long should we use to add a? We at ordinary times, how to judge? Below we have told you. Air conditioning open properly after a period of time was cold wind blow to the body and can quickly reach the set temperature outdoor compressor can work for a while like a refrigerator to stop for a moment that would suggest that is normal. Otherwise it may need refrigerant. With a thermometer to measure the indoor machine of the inlet and outlet temperature difference is explained in more than 8 ℃ as normal temperature difference, the greater the air conditioning work, the more thoroughly up to about 15 ℃. The difference of less than 8 ℃ might need to add refrigerant. Open the indoor machine during start up ten minutes on copper tube wear full aluminium panel should see evaporator on the part of the heat evenly is full of condensed water such as vice more normal high air humidity is less. If half half no is likely to be short of refrigerant. Such as local frost or ice are not normal. Use of more than half of the user can check valve pipe joints and the house whether there are obvious signs of oil spill. If there are any obvious leakage or suggests that the machine has a leak for fluorine miscibility oil leak will leak fluorine fluorine will oil leakage. When air conditioning normal running, glass hole continues to have bubbles, shows that the amount of fluorine is insufficient, needs to be added. In air conditioning normal continuous operation, the glass hole without air bubbles, when the air conditioning, nor short bubbles appear, shows that the amount of fluoride is much, need to discharge. In air conditioning normal continuous operation, the glass hole without air bubbles, when the air conditioning, there will be a brief bubble, shows that the amount of fluorine is normal. If the owner did not find this glass observation hole, and a simple method to judge roughly: open the auto machine cover, check the air conditioning system joint have oil stains, if any, should be the lack of fluorine. Automotive air conditioning before add fluoride, need to make a whole in the vehicle air conditioning system testing, to ensure that the air conditioning not funnelled to add fluoride.
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