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how is freon recycled? a brief overview of epa standards

by:Arkool     2020-04-12
What is Freon?
Freon is actually a brand owned by DuPont Chemical.
However, the term \"Freon\" is used to describe the various refrigerants responsible for cooling in electrical appliances, automobiles, household air-conditioning units and other applications.
Freon includes carbon fluoride (CFCs)
HCFC hydrogen (HCFCs,)
Supervised by the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA. )
These chemicals are a mixture of chlorine, fluorine and carbon (CFC)
Or a mixture of these chemicals and hydrogen (HCFC,)
It has been shown to be harmful to the Earth\'s ozone layer.
The Clean Air Act of 1990 prohibits the intentional discharge of refrigerant gases and chemicals into the atmosphere from July 1, 1992.
Section 608 of the Clean Air Act provides for appropriate evacuation procedures for Freon on vehicles, small household appliances and household air-conditioning equipment.
It also specifies how Freon is recycled, what process must be used, and when it must be recycled instead of recycled.
With the development of understanding of refrigerant and scientific testing, the Clean Air Act has also been revised accordingly, in 1993, 1994, 1995 and 2003, respectively.
Only approved technicians who use approved equipment can recover Freon and other similar refrigerants.
Unlike other recyclable materials, ordinary citizens cannot recycle these refrigerants at home or in a drop of wateroff location.
In fact, according to section 608th, landfill owners and health companies must demonstrate that these refrigerants were evacuated when recycling scrap metal appliances.
Refrigerant (such as Freon) must be recycled, recycled or recycled according to EPA standards, and each option has its own regulations and appropriate procedures.
So how is Freon recycled?
The process is quite simple.
Technicians vacuum the refrigerant from the existing system using a device equipped with a compressor.
Depending on the specific equipment used, Freon can be delivered once or more through the system.
Adjust the temperature using the fan and oil to prevent Freon from being too cold, freezing or overheating.
The recycling equipment operates in roughly the same way as the original equipment or the \"donor\" cooling system.
However, recycling equipment adds features such as dryers and filters.
The dryer separates any moisture in the refrigerant that may damage the cooling system or its components.
The filter removes small particles from the refrigerant that may cause blockage or damage in the system.
Looking at this setting, it usually includes a unit that holds the compressor, dryer, and filter.
The unit is connected to the storage tank to store clean recycled refrigerant in the storage tank for future use or transport to the Reaper.
One of the most common places to find this Freon recycling equipment is the auto repair shop.
Mechanics who often work on car air conditioners usually invest in charging stations.
According to the model, these charging stations have recycling equipment and recycling equipment.
However, since there are now so many different types of Freon and refrigerants on the market, different refrigerants must use a separate system or a specially designed multi-purpose system to prevent cross-cuttingcontamination.
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