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How does air conditioning refrigeration work? After watching

by:Arkool     2020-05-12
Air conditioning refrigeration usually exists in the fluid or gas compounds. It is easy to absorb heat from the environment, and when and when combined with other parts, such as compressor and evaporator can provide refrigeration or air conditioning. If you have already heard that refrigerant R22 and R410A refrigerant has been phased out, you might work especially want to know more about how refrigerant and its role in cooling housing. Air conditioning refrigerant works without refrigerants, there is no air conditioning and refrigeration or freezing technology. Air conditioning refrigerant contains copper coils. When refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air, it from the low pressure gas into high pressure liquid. Air conditioning components will refrigerants to outside, the fan will be hot air blowing through the coil and its discharge to the external. Then air conditioning refrigerant cooled down and back to low pressure gas. Located in the home of another fan blowing air cooling coil, to produce the cold air distribution in the whole building. Then the cycle is repeated. Benefit: noise reduction, by adopting the technology of the natural space ESQ, flexible duct upgrades, reduce running noise, the noise dropped to 22 db, fan efficiency 10%, the 3 effective noise reduction. 2 db (a); The type of air conditioning refrigerant for many years the most common refrigerants for air conditioning include: chlorofluorocarbons ( 氯氟烃) , including R12. Known that helps to greenhouse effect. Production stopped in 1994 of new shares. Chlorofluorocarbons ( 相比) , including R22. Compared with R12, the damage to the ozone is a little small, but still the EPA requirements under the 2010 Clean Air Act to phase out. R22 will be eliminated in 2020. HFC ( HFCs) , including R410A and main. Mixture of chlorine, it is safer for the environment, now used to replace R22. Run on R410A air conditioning is more efficient and better air quality, thermal comfort is higher, higher reliability. About the use of refrigerants in air conditioning is a kind of HFC, although R410A means it than other types of air conditioning refrigerant is more suitable for the environment, but it is not 100% safe. Prompting the epa to set some rules about the refrigerant treatment and disposal: it is prohibited to deliberately discharge refrigerant. Low loss parts must be used to limit the purging, connect or disconnect the release of the air conditioning refrigeration dose. Technical personnel must do our best to safely to capture, refrigerant recovery and disposition. The use of refrigerant air conditioning and other appliances must, in accordance with the processing of the EPA rules for processing. Refrigerant leaks must be fixed within 30 days. Only licensed to buy air conditioning company and technicians refrigerants.
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