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How do you know air conditioning in the freon and how much? - - - - - -

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
Is based on such a principle: 1, the most direct way is air conditioning compressor running after observing the thermal, outdoor thermal, freon enough, no more, no thermal need to be further explored. 2, if less freon air conditioning, usually because of refrigeration cycle caused by pipeline leakage, a direct result of low pressure refrigerant in the refrigeration pipes, also led directly to the air conditioning compressor running, but I don't feel very cool. And the compressor suction pressure and exhaust pressure will drop. Cooling pipe pressure value, this depends on selection of the specific conditions of the compressor, has a reference value, refrigerant pressure in 1. 7 mp ~ 1。 9 mp for pressure. Lack of refrigerant, the evaporator inside the evaporation have fallen sharply, so cause the compressor running, don't feel cold. Indirectly affected the normal operation of the compressor at the same time, the working current is lower than rated current of the compressor. Determine the method of air conditioning of fluorine has a lot of kinds, but mostly need professional tools to measure, but ordinary can also be judged by the following method to make a basic judgment: 1, air conditioning effect, clearly open temperature is very low, but don't feel cold, could be the lack of fluorine! 2, air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners frequent start-stop, indoor temperature obviously did not reach the set temperature, the machine will stop, it may be due to a lack of fluorine of compressors overheating protection! 3, the noise is bigger, outdoor lack of fluorine can make the compressor has been in the high frequency operation state, so the noise can significantly enhance! Outdoor connecting line 4, there is a clear oily be soiled, freon leak leakage there is oily be soiled, can use test the detergent and water. 5, air conditioning low pressure pipe ( We see a tube) Appear frost phenomenon, determine the lack of fluorine cause! That is about how to know how much air conditioning of freon and related problems to solve, you have learned?
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