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How do late refrigerant market development? Which model will be eliminated?

by:Arkool     2020-06-08
China's second stage start out as plan. R11, R12, R13, R14, R113,? CFCs refrigerant has eliminated all; Refrigerant R22, R123, R142b HCFCs in eliminating sequence; China which has been widely used in central air-conditioning market refrigerant everything, R407c, R410a HFCs refrigerant, although which has been widely used, but ultimately belongs to the transitional product. And in accordance with the relevant requirements, around 2025 out of the market. According to the Montreal protocol, while the government proposed the elimination process and schedule, but there was no clear direction to the new concrete of the refrigerant is causing a lot of brands can only according to their own ability and the technology, research and development of new environmental protection refrigerant. Second, there is no perfect refrigerant. From a technical perspective, the most refrigerants are in the market at present is not pure refrigerant form, has a number of varieties of formula deployment and become, so there will be some problems more or less. R513a, for example, although the effects of the refrigerant on the ozone layer is 0, but still belongs to the mixed refrigerant, problems still exist in the flammability. Third, cost constraints. From an environmental point of view, many existing refrigerant in the future will be discontinued, ahead of the new technological innovation, many brands will still be given cost, choose to use the existing refrigerants, the main reason is cost. The application of new refrigerants need a long time to verify and accepted by the market. Fourth, the interests of consideration. The refrigerant is mainly composed of honeywell, mu ( The original dupont) Companies such as monopoly, core technologies and patents are dominated by them, the refrigeration exhibition debut R1234ze, R1233zd honeywell product. Although there is no clear the direction of refrigerant, these companies will be through their influence to the industry, enterprise, government recommend its technology and products, has a certain influence on refrigerant direction of ability. Achieve for refrigerant technology and market monopoly, ensure the brand's own profit maximization. In 2017 China refrigeration show, we can through the scene of the show, analysis to these problems. Throughout the refrigeration exhibition, new refrigerant R290, R32, R1234ze, R1233zd, R513a was applied to the new product, but even so, there are many uncertainties in the future.
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