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how do bent fins affect an air conditioner?

by:Arkool     2020-04-08
The aluminum wing bending on the air conditioning coil reduces the ability of the air conditioning to absorb and exchange heat.
To this end, many home improvement stores and cold and warm outlets sell \"fin Combs\", small tools used to straighten air-conditioning chips.
With thorough cleaning, you can improve the efficiency of your unit.
On the cold side of the air-conditioning coil, that is, the inside of the central air-conditioning processor or the inside of the window air-conditioning, the curved fins can reduce air flow.
The curved fins prevent air from being evenly distributed from the house on the cold refrigerant coil.
As a result, the part of the coil may be blocked and the unit can cool less overall air.
On the hot side of the air conditioner, that is, the window unit on the central unit or the outdoor half of the external air condenser, the curved fins inhibit the exchange of heat.
The air conditioner works by absorbing heat from the air in the home and cooling it outside.
If the fins on the condenser bend, the air cannot fully circulate on the hot coil and retain some heat, thus reducing the overall efficiency of the unit.
Air conditioning coils and fins must be kept free of dirt and debris.
The curved fins are harder to vacuum or wipe due to the reduced space between each piece of metal.
Over time, the curved part of the coil will be blocked by dirt and debris, thus further reducing efficiency by suppressing the airflow.
Although the curved fins do not necessarily indicate that the coils are damaged, they can make the damage more prone.
In addition to the auxiliary airflow, the aluminum sheet acts as a buffer between the delicate copper coil and the outside world.
An outdoor wooden tile or hail that impacts the already weakened and damaged fins is more likely to pierce the copper coil, causing a refrigerant leak.
The curved fins should be straightened using a plastic \"fin comb\" which can be purchased in the home improvement shop.
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