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How cold storage on the refrigerant? How much to add refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-06-26
Add refrigerant freon cold storage refrigeration system, must assure refrigerant drying, otherwise will certainly because refrigerant refrigeration system is not dry, cause the ice cooling system, thus affecting the refrigeration system normal operation, the following detailed explain for everybody to fluorine refrigerant refrigeration system of pumping air into vacuum state, filling method, the filling amount of judgment. A, cold storage and as new supplying refrigerator vacuum system before filling refrigerant to pumping air into vacuum state, as for the harm of pumping air into vacuum state, not we refrigeration encyclopedia, public has said many times, here no longer wordy. Vacuum tee first table in the compressor suction and exhaust Angle valve, open the Angle valve, open the vacuum pump vacuum. Smoking to - 0. 1MPa( 760毫米汞柱) After the stop of pumping air into vacuum state, vacuum time should be according to the size of cold storage and vacuum pump to determine the size, and according to the pressure gauge shows pressure value shall prevail. Need to pay attention! It is forbidden to use the compressor pumping air into vacuum state, because as refrigerating compressor casing body of vacuum degree deepens, the shell between bare terminal or insulating layer has a tiny broken lost between winding insulation, once the electricity, the motor may be short circuit burned in an instant. If shell leakage, but also may cause people get an electric shock. Vacuum is completed, ready to add refrigerant. We need to understand that the cold storage is the correct filling quantity of refrigerant decided to refrigeration system running efficiency of the key factors. Such as: cold storage refrigerant charging quantity is insufficient, will lower the efficiency of inspiratory pressure and exhaust pressure, especially for back gas cooling may cause in the compressor motor overheating; Such as amount of refrigerant charging excessive, may cause the evaporator frosting, serious damage to the compressor condensing pressure is too high or evaporator liquid. Even the same refrigeration equipment, also because of internal cold storage capacity, evaporating temperature, condensing pressure is different, and different optimal filling volume. In cold storage refrigeration system maintenance, in most cases, you can use the low voltage side filling gas or liquid refrigerant, when the refrigerant filling quantity is bigger, also can be used from the high side filling refrigerant liquid filling method. Need to pay attention! If from low voltage side filling liquid refrigerant, be sure to slow down, in order to avoid liquid! If the fear of the liquid, gas filling. From the low voltage side add refrigerant method: from the low voltage side filling gas refrigerant operation, low pressure tee valve first spin counterclockwise to the endpoint, then add the fluorine bottles of fluorine pipe joint in the low pressure of the 3-way valve bypass seat, then open the bottle of R22 fluorine cylinder valves, to bypass of the silk of cut-off valve nipple let a little, will add fluoride tube R22 gas out of the air, after hearing a joint 'hissing, hissing noise of air lock, immediately start refrigerant filling. When injection after reaching the quality of the rules, close the fluorine bottle of cut-off valve, low pressure tee valve according to spin counterclockwise to the endpoint, close the R22 fluorine bottles of cylinder valves, remove the fluoridated tube, add fluoride work over. Second, refrigerator filled volume of the refrigerant judgment for sure one of the commonly used method of refrigerator filled volume of the refrigerant, is observed for liquid liquid tube covering the flow of refrigerant in the mirror. When liquid flow can be clearly seen, can think refrigerant has correct filling, if there is a bubble, usually lack of refrigerant, but it could be depending on the liquid mirror the liquid pipe scaling part or the condensing pressure of rapid change, the refrigerant pressure drop. So depending on the liquid lens can be used as a method to determine the amount of refrigerant charging and effective, is not the only basis. Of course, can also according to the operation condition of the system is running a judgment, the adjustment of the first expansion valve lever must be set in the middle position, is to keep the factory status ( Expansion valve generally not adjusted) 。 Then add liquid to low pressure is akin to the evaporation temperature refrigerator ( Lower than the base temperature 5 ~ 8 degrees) The corresponding pressure shall prevail. Experienced technicians, can also according to the outlet air temperature of air cooling condenser, compressor gas condensation or frost, current, expansion valve, frost situation to judge. Cold storage filling refrigerant operation principle: library temperature above 0 degrees, any part of the system are not allowed to have frost phenomenon appear! Only library temperature below zero, the first frost is expansion valve outlet pipe, and then gradually extended to the evaporator, the last is back to the trachea, until the inspiratory Angle valve in the compressor.
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