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Hot summer air conditioning is not cold is lack of refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-18
Burning hot summer driving hard to avoid can open air conditioning, but many owners will find that the car's air conditioning long time need not, in the summer can appear all sorts of conditions, bad odor air conditioning, refrigeration, etc. These problems is very worrying, because before you know it, can be a problem, and the probability that the car air conditioning problems is also relatively large. For odor and cooling effect is worse and worse, what reason? Here just want to say to you. We should think of the most is the air filter, air conditioner filter does not change for a long time, really blocked, the wind will blow out. This is the reason why a lot of little air conditioning wind. Air-conditioning filter effect is self-evident, is to filter out the impurities in the air. Air conditioning to work long hours, the dust impurities in the air will be full of the surface of the filter, if long time don't clean up change, will lead to into the air volume decreases, the refrigeration effect will be worse. Therefore, maintenance should be the subject air-conditioning filter replacement. Auto condenser is outside heat exchanger, air conditioning refrigeration nine times out of ten is the bad parts. Condenser is located in the forefront of the engine, its internal is usually some spiral curved pipe, in order to better heat dissipation, usually have a lot of metal in its external heat sink, make its better heat conduction, and then fall in the effect of air above the heat away, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. But due to its often exposed to air, some dust will adhere to the above, it is not clear in time will be more and more dirty, bad heat dissipation caused refrigeration effect is poor. In addition, in the back of the condenser has a fan, if the fan appear problem, so the working efficiency of the condenser will be reduced. If not serious, wash the car let master car wash water gun when a wash, general will get good results. Evaporator and condenser may be confused, here to give you a brief introduction of their difference. As we all know, all air conditioning refrigeration need refrigerant, it can complete the endothermic and exothermic process. Refrigerant in the condenser is change from gas to liquid by cooling, liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator was gas to heat, the condenser is installed in the front of the car the head, adjustable air conditioning evaporator in the cockpit switches that position inside the shell. If found the car when it has just open air conditioning is faulty, such as peculiar smell disappeared in a minute, so it is commonly evaporator is too dirty. At this time as long as to the repair shop to wash evaporator removed is ok, if the problem is not solved, will need to replace the evaporator. The inside of the air conditioning not refrigeration, most likely is lack of refrigerant, refrigerant is we often say that the fluorine. General air conditioning with a three to five years will need to add fluoride, fluorine doesn't turn out to be other consumables, it can be in air conditioning use back and forth in the pipeline, will not be consumed. So when your car needs often add fluoride to refrigeration, so it must be in line with the bad place, cause leakage fluorine or line pressure is not enough, then you need to repair shop to check.
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