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Heat pump refrigerant change: of R290 and CO2 or to replace R22

by:Arkool     2020-07-06
In 2015, held on the 22nd of December & other; Room air conditioner industry contain CFCS hydrogen elimination and hydrofluorocarbons cuts strategy seminar & throughout; , environmental protection and China home appliance association has made it clear that China's household air conditioning refrigerant R22 out plan, will resolutely and firmly adopt R290 air conditioning. This means that in the future environmental protection ministry as a defender of R290 air conditioning, with China's household electrical appliances association to promote household air conditioning refrigerant R22 alternative process. The first stage was about fund under the support of R22 elimination is planned to be completed more than expected. And it is worth mentioning, in Montreal, the second phase will likely be included in the multilateral fund & other; Heat pump water heater & throughout; , the research work on heat pump water heater using R22 consumption has ended, heat pump water heater alternative of R290 and CO2 is likely to be into the scope of fund support. Knowledge popularization of R290 and CO2 refrigerant R290, propane, is a kind of natural hydrocarbon refrigerants can directly obtain from liquefied petroleum gas, ODP values ( Ozone destruction ozeme depletion potential) 0, GWP close to 0, represented by the European Union countries such as Germany, Sweden, advocate using R290 ( Hydrocarbon propane) As a refrigerant. It won't produce damage to the ozone layer, also won't aggravate global warming, greenhouse gases are completely environmentally friendly refrigerant. At the same time, also used for filling refrigerant R290 less compact system, used in household air conditioner and heat pump. Although R290 on environmental advantages make it tend to be perfect, but its & other; Inflammable and explosive & throughout; Weakness is currently the biggest obstacle to limit its large-scale promotion. We have learned, at present the majority of manufacturers of air conditioning performance standards are high, the normal air conditioning in leak amount can control below 5 g, won't produce any danger. But now appears more focused on the air conditioning refrigerant leak during the process of installation, use and maintenance, also exist in the process of the many uncontrolled factors such as environment, use, therefore in the process of the safety control measures still needs further research and improvement. Heat pump industry in our country on the choice of R290 and air conditioning industry in the international society has set a & other; Responsible & throughout; Image of the country, from the beginning of the 7 years, a series of research and pilot, gradually make R290 stand out. At present domestic has built some hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 demonstration pilot project, haier, gree air-conditioning manufacturers such as the ongoing transformation work of R290 air-conditioning production line, GMCC had formed the nation's largest R290 compressor series production line, and put into production. Such as: the gree demonstration of production line, the demonstration of the production line of beauty have completion inspection and acceptance. The industry has been basically have a certain ability of R290 mass production. Ministry of environmental protection, director of the center for international cooperation WenWuRui also said that the future of our country will further increase the use of the product line of refrigerant R290 reform pilot demonstration. With the deepening of the research of R290 application technology, use the experience accumulated, environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 will have broad market application prospect in the future. Technical innovation, and want to be any manufacturing to the next level must break through a barrier, is also the focus of intense competition in the industry, common. Heat pump industry has sought to break through in recent years, development innovation, the application of co2 refrigerant technology is a technology innovation excellence. CO2 in the refrigerant used in the past, people always worry about their safety. In the 1950 s, as & other; Safety & throughout; Refrigerant, CO2 refrigeration enterprises gradually fade out. And thermodynamic properties of CO2 is not ideal, also make it was unpopular. Its exhaust temperature is very high and the critical temperature is only 31 ℃ ( 74bar) 。 Depending on the high side heat source temperature, the pressure of more than 100 bar across critical operation is very common. In this case, the energy efficiency of carbon dioxide refrigeration system is often less than traditional vapor compression refrigeration system ( The condensation phenomenon) 。 Therefore, the indirect and higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions. But in carbon dioxide refrigeration system applied in some area, the economic and ecological performance is very good. It is worth noting that the carbon dioxide has good heat transfer performance of heat exchanger system ( The evaporator, condenser, gas cooler) The heat transfer temperature can be smaller. Carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant working medium, with its environmental protection, non-toxic, and excellent across critical cycle etc, is seen as a traditional air can water heater refrigerant of CFCS has been adopted by the best alternative. According to different working condition, the refrigerating capacity can be as high as 5 - R22 and NH3 Eight times. Air can heat pump in domestic development for a long time, with the traditional refrigerant air can heat pump has its limitations, in southern China would run very well. But in the north, the air is cold, the traditional air can heat pump is sometimes very low temperature. The characteristics of the co2 heat pump technology is & ndash; — Even in - The temperature of 20 ℃ can also provide and degrees of hot water, it can meet the needs of heating and domestic water in the north. And it is in the process of heat conduction heat water will not damage the ozone layer of atmosphere, very environmental protection, the role of the refrigerant technology of large.
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