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HCFCs refrigerant replaced gradually

by:Arkool     2020-08-05

According to the air conditioning refrigeration market information, in recent years, the rapid growth of production and consumption of HCFCs in China, to accelerate the destruction of the ozone layer, HCFCs is all the air conditioning factory the main products used in the manufacture of refrigerants, eliminated HCFCs indicates that the Chinese all the air conditioning enterprise will fully replace the new air conditioning refrigerant is given priority to with R22

 However, in the cold media chosen as China's refrigeration industry alternative refrigerant on the issue of environmental protection, there are differences in the industry. It is understood that the current part of air conditioning refrigerant for export to the requirements of the importer, the HCFCs has been replaced as a material code 410 a. 

 But this kind of material is still a greenhouse gas, can not fundamentally solve the problem of environmental protection, manufacturer did not accept the practice of HCFCs replacement for R410A large area. Research and development, the surrounding environmental protection refrigerant compressor enterprise GMCC beauty cheese launched its R32 environmental protection refrigerant compressor, air conditioning with previous R290 with similar energy efficiency is high, the greenhouse effect is extremely low, no ozone destruction degree etc, at present the product already deliver to air conditioning manufacturers matching test.
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