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Gree air conditioning refrigerant R32 maintenance matters needing attention

by:Arkool     2020-05-25
In today's society, energy and environment problem more and more prominent, the earth to produce the greenhouse effect is becoming more and more obvious. Common before the GWP of refrigerant R22, R407C, R410A, The index of material to produce the greenhouse effect) High, belong to the environmental protection refrigerants, damage to the climate has a certain effect. International environmental convention, 2030 years ago, our country must complete the environmental protection refrigerants, low GWP value of new environmental protection refrigerant R32, R290 will become the latest must-haves in the industry. ( 1) Connecting pipe due to the removal of indoor air conditioning side connecting pipe shall not remove directly, if you need to indoor machine system maintenance, to destroy the remove the nut, the specific steps are as follows: 1) The refrigerant recovery, when need to shut down after the electricity valve core size. 2) Found on the connecting pipe size, distance and remove the nut 15 cm position, using cutter to cut it, as shown in figure 1. With cutter not rotate 360 degrees and actual operation need about hand shake when connecting pipe, thus its separation and removed. 3) ) immediately after the separate connection tube wrapped with tape size connecting pipe and tube evaporator nozzles, to prevent dust, as shown in figure 2. Finally, the indoor machine, evaporator for disassembly and maintenance or repair welding for funnelled. To be on the safe side, it is suggested that the indoor machine back to maintenance department for maintenance. ( 2) After repair of secondary installation 1) When connecting pipe installation, need to set aside and remove the nut accessories of welding position, and remove the irregular ellipse section copper pipe, as shown in figure 3. 2) Clean bell mouth of burr, and on the connecting pipe welding good new proof remove the nut. Remove the nut size as shown in figure 4. 3) Cut the size of the evaporator with copper tube joint, clean up on the bell mouth burrs, new welding joint. 4) Connecting pipe docking with the indoor machine, and connecting pipe wrench to tighten size. 5) Vacuum and pressure, open the valve core size, tighten back cover nut, finally put on the valve handle, as shown in figure 5. Tip: 1, have certain flammability refrigerant R32, its pipeline welding, operating point has fuel is strictly forbidden in 2 m. 2, the indoor machine of the air conditioning installation and remove the nut, if need to go down the indoor machine for maintenance, will be expected to cut connection pipe, at the same time be dustproof, waterproof protection measures. 3, secondary when installation, to avoid burn out indoor machine parts, need on the indoor machine end connecting pipe welding first remove the nut, and then to docking. 4, because use of R32 duct pressure slightly higher than using R410A air-conditioning, extension tube need to use good quality copper tube, it is forbidden to use the inferior connecting pipe of the market.
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