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Freon ( Refrigerant) Harm to people?

by:Arkool     2020-07-28
Freon refrigerant is one of them, the early and later because of freon to the destruction of the ozone is quite serious, the world is against the use of freon, and research and development. Later referred to as 'refrigerant', according to different purposes, the evolution of the various models. So does harm to the human body, has been particularly concerned about a topic. Here is to learn together. As is known to all, freon is saturated hydrocarbons ( Hydrocarbons) The floorboard of the halogen derivative. The type of refrigerant in the 1930 s, it solves the refrigeration KongDiaoJie problem for refrigerants 'welcome'. Freon destroy ozone because refrigerant in the presence of chlorine. It does not decompose stable chemical properties in the troposphere, due to the lower density than air have been flying into the stratosphere. By ultraviolet irradiation of chlorine in the stratosphere of freon chlorine atoms in the stratosphere, chlorine and ozone molecules generated oxidation and oxygen molecules. The chlorine can with ozone oxidation, again to generate chlorine atoms and oxygen molecules. Such repeated that a massive amount of ozone destruction. Now in many environmental protection refrigerants in refrigerant is not chlorine element, cannot produce the chemical reaction. Damage will not as large as the preliminary imagination. R410A refrigerant, for example, is a new kind of environmental protection refrigerants, does not destroy the ozone layer, the pressure of work for the common R22 air conditioner 1. Refrigeration (about 6 times, Warm) High efficiency and improve the performance of air conditioning does not destroy the ozone layer. , has the stability, non-toxic, superior performance, etc. At the same time as a result of not containing chlorine, so will not react with ozone, which does not destroy the ozone layer. Once the leak, if there is no open flame, general won't cause harm to human body. With refrigerant and air conditioning are non-toxic. When people breathe a lot of, can have mild upper respiratory tract irritation, but has no effect on the respiratory tract. So for refrigerant, a lot of people who do not understand, will be particularly worried about after contact, whether there will be other issues, the use of more than 90% of the refrigerant is and its security, must according to normal business procurement, of course. If you have questions about refrigerants, refrigeration - please contact easily cool cool — You close the way of purchasing consultant.
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