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Freon R - What are the features of 22 refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-05-25
Freon is currently widely used refrigerants, it is the floorboard of the saturated hydrocarbons, its characteristic is WeiDu, no smell, no burning, no explosion danger, chemical stability is good, does not react with water, no corrosion effect on metals. Freon sort is various, to avoid the trouble of writing the formula is, also in order to facilitate memory, people developed a simplified code to represent a variety of freon refrigerant, such as R12, R22, r114, etc. The following with R22, CHLF2) As an example, this paper introduces its features, and other refrigerants is similar. R22 is not easy to burn, not easy to explode. R22 in contact with open flame, decompose the poisonous gases called ( CoCl2) The refrigeration compressor with open flames, so the overhaul, deal with adequate ventilation cooling system ( Blow) Ventilation, operation environment, R22 in iron and steel, copper container that can be a long time working in the temperature of 135 ~ 150 ℃, over temperature will start to gradually break down. It with the frozen oil, in addition to the acid and water, make the carbon in the oil free, generate carbon deposition, and in the case of coexist with iron, temperature of 550 ℃ will break down. The standard boiling point for R22 53 mpa; 16 mpa ( Except the tropical air conditioning) 。 In R22 in the solubility of water than the R12 in more than 10 times, and the lower the temperature, the higher the proportion of its moisture content, therefore, the requirements of water content in R22 no more than 40 ~ 60 mg/L ( Hundred million) 。 R22 with lubricating oil micro dissolve in compressor pump shell and the mutual solubility in the condenser, and separation within the evaporator, its solubility changes with the change in temperature. Strong permeability of R22, than R12 are more likely to leak, so the sealing is more demanding, unit volume refrigerating capacity about 40% larger than the R12. R22 electrical performance is good, the insulation performance is good, only in the high dielectric constant of the liquid phase, low insulation resistance. High dielectric constant, which means because of trace impurities and reduce the trend of increase, insulation resistance as lubricating oil blending, dielectric strength will be drastically reduced, therefore, when using range 2 in a closed system, for electrical insulation materials plant impurities in particular attention.
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