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Freon is liquid or gas? Freon poisonous?

by:Arkool     2020-07-28
Speaking of freon could be a lot of people don't know, but if it is said that the main material of air conditioning refrigeration may be a lot of people have the impression, freon main function is used in air conditioning refrigeration and heating. Many owners for freon is liquid or gas is concerned. Actually freon is very common in the normal, so many people worry about freon toxic now, then we will bring the freon related introduction. Freon is liquid or gas? Used in the household air conditioner freon under an atmospheric pressure will become liquid 40 degrees below zero. Freon poisonous? 1, Freon, also known as Freon, Freon name from English, it is a dupont refrigerant trademark registered by the United States. In China, freon define differences, general and define it as saturated hydrocarbons ( Mainly refers to methane, ethane and propane) The floorboard of the halogen content, according to this definition, can be divided into freon CFC, as, HFC, 4 classes; Some scholars have defined freon CFC refrigerants; In the part information only mean dichlorodifluoromethane (freon 创新领导力? F ? A), namely the R12, CFC class 。 2, freon is a colorless gas at room temperature or volatile liquid, odorless or slight odor, non-toxic or low toxic, stable chemical properties. 3, air conditioner freon in general use R22, it is non-toxic, tasteless, not burning, not explosion gas, the only meet flame will produce phosgene, harmful to human body. Once the leak, if there is no open flame, general won't cause harm to human body. 4, visible freon is in the air conditioning can be at ease of use, but freon fear of fire, therefore, when air conditioning fluorine leakage phenomenon, please remember to turn off fire. 5, overall freon belongs to the non-toxic tasteless gas, air conditioning of freon is can be at ease of use; But fear freon is a flame, so air conditioning must pay attention to when fluorine leakage phenomenon, timely maintenance air conditioning fluorine leakage fault, and should keep flame away from freon leak area. If toxicity of freon existed before the wrong understanding, hope we parsing and introduces the element of freon toxicity, and will change the wrong understanding of freon, freon to rest assured the use of air conditioning. Freon is liquid or gas, we can learn from the above freon liquid or gas, so to speak, because it is released gas, and at specified temperature is presented the liquid state. For freon toxic problem, we can only say that freon in use process to use will not cause any harm to human body. So you can rest assured the use of CFCS.
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