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Freeze drying machine refrigerant leakage treatment method

by:Arkool     2020-07-07
Freeze drying machine refrigerant leakage, leakage fluorine must first find funnelled, check funnelled need patience careful and certain method, finally to bare. The most intuitive form phase is refrigerant pressure gauge to zero. Fluorine leakage check first to find funnelled, funnelled need patience careful and certain method. Is this: with visual method, first open the machine case board look inside the machine, because of the refrigerant at run time, there will be a compressor oil mixed in, if there is a leak freon will bring the lubricating oil, then look inside the machine carefully, if there is a sheet of oil zone, it is likely to be funnelled. Then is to check the machine within the capillary tubes, which is the thin copper tube and technology of the pipe under 6 mm, if there is any break phenomenon. Through the above basic after checking, there is doubt ready. Then need identified by charging a certain pressure of inert gas funnelled. Conditional had better use nitrogen to pressure, under the condition of no nitrogen use of freon and line, it is forbidden to use oxygen pressure leak, it was dead. What call of freon, eldest brother also don't know, that freon in the cylinder is made, from the upper cut-off valve is gaseous freon, whereas the cylinder valve is down out of the liquid freon. , start should be slow to join gas pressure, pressure and observe the refrigerant pressure (person Small cubic only refrigerant low pressure table, two more than 15 cubic have high and low pressure refrigerant table) , the pressure to zero. 2Mpa( 2. 0 kgf) About a temporary stop, and then listen carefully to the voice within the machine ever leak, if there are available according to the voice of the funnelled. If there is no continued to pressure to zero. 4 - 0. 5Mpa. When looking for sponge dipped in soapy water, where just have doubt check first, then check the inside of the machine all accept child ( Copper nut) 。 If there are funnelled, there will be a bubble gun to blow out, the process need to be very careful. Freeze drying machine if find funnelled through the above method or not, so, unfortunately, is likely to be within the evaporator leakage. Within the evaporator leakage processing up more troublesome. Must first to confirm, can disconnect the evaporator and the refrigeration system, and then separate the holding to confirm, if found after separate the holding pressure drops can be identified. Still have a kind of method is relatively simple, is to open the compressed air imports, if the refrigerant pressure gauge in the rose after a period of time pressure, it is sure the refrigeration system and air system are interlinked, because they only exchange area is the evaporator. So can also determine the evaporator leakage. After check the dryer funnelled is bare, according to the different funnelled, loose for bell mouth these funnelled, accordingly by means of a fastening, if it is a copper pipe welding type funnelled, brazing them is required. Brazing bare refrigeration maintenance industry is one of the most commonly used skills, the so-called brazing is with low oxygen and acetylene flame to heat the silver electrode and the needed repair welding parts, let the welding and repair welding parts melt together and make the funnelled plug method. Soldering should be cooling system pressure relief zero first, and then use soldering welding torch to open the acetylene, light after joining right oxygen, slowly adjust the proportion of oxygen and acetylene, into neutral flame - out flames of fire Oxidizing flame and then heating needed both soluble in welding parts and silver electrode. The specific methods to the operator through certain training to master. After finish funnelled processing, need again on the system pressure, welding success to confirm bare. Leakproof completed, need to vacuum system, then add the stipulated quality liquid freon ( Specific reference number basic configuration table) , add refrigerant from the person who designate some charging needle valve to join. For larger machines, plus fluorine from high pressure filling mouth first and, if not a one-time add the prescribed dose, wait to boot from the low pressure mouth slowly add to the prescribed dose.
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