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For the running capacitor should be how to carry out maintenance and maintenance

by:Arkool     2020-09-05
1, the capacitor should be on duty personnel, should do well in equipment operation record. 2, to the appearance of the running capacitor group tour inspection, every day should be stipulated in the regulations, if discover box shell expansion should stop using, so as to avoid failure. 3, check the ammeter each phase load capacitor group is available. 4, when environment temperature input cannot under - capacitor group 40 ℃, the runtime environment temperature for 1 hour, average no more than + 40 ℃, the average no more than 2 hours + 30 ℃, and the average year shall not exceed + 20 ℃. If more than, the artificial cooling should be adopted, Install the fan) Disconnect or capacitor Banks with grid. 5, the temperature of the installation site inspection and checks on the hot spot temperature capacitor shell can pass mercury thermometer, etc, and completes the temperature records ( Especially in summer) 。 6, the working voltage of capacitor and current, when use no more than 1. 1 times the rated voltage and 1. 3 times the rated current. 7, when capacitor is connected, will cause the grid voltage rise, especially when the load is lighter, in such a case, should be part of the capacitor or all of the capacitor from the interruption of power grid. 8, condenser bushing and supporting insulator surface should be clean, no damage, no discharge, the capacitor shell should be clean, no distortion, no oil leakage, capacitor and iron frame should not be dusty and other dirt. 9, must pay attention to carefully pick capacitor group on the electrical wiring of all contact ( Electric bus, grounding line, circuit breakers, fuses, switches, etc. ) Reliability. As a contact point on the road out of the online fault, even nut screw is not tight, is likely to be early damage of the capacitor and the whole equipment accident. 10, if the capacitor is running after a period of time, to withstand voltage test, should be tested according to the specified value. 11, to examine the capacitor and fuse, shall not be less than once a month. Within a year of the capacitor to test tg 2 ~ 3 times, the purpose is to monitor the reliable of the capacitor, each measure should be under the rated voltage or nearly rating conditions. 12, due to the relay action and make the capacitor set of circuit breaker tripping, before did not find out the cause of the jump at this time, shall not be close to. 13, found in operation or in the process of transportation such as condenser shell oil, can use tin-lead solder brazing method of repair.
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