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For a new form of refrigeration industry in the future and how future

by:Arkool     2020-07-01
A variety of equipment such as air conditioning refrigeration or freezer refrigeration, we need the so-called refrigerant to achieve the goal of refrigeration. Is through the refrigerant refrigeration is currently the only way to refrigeration now, but refrigerant refrigeration will produce certain pollution to the environment, cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. As the world's emphasis on environmental protection, refrigerant need to upgrade, it is particularly important to environmental protection refrigerants. This form is to use insulation cooling instead of traditional air cooling, gas rise after cold plate, using thermal cooling fluid absorption components, after boiling vaporization, again without air conditioning refrigeration equipment, such as data center cooling energy consumption, can be reduced more than 90%. New forms of refrigeration, will bring new look to the refrigeration industry, air-conditioning refrigerator, or a data center, medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, can be gradually replace with the two forms, will bring different experiences, global warming, no longer blame refrigerants.
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