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Explore the way of brand marketing for SMEs

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

Since the end of 2002, China's Internet has entered a period of rapid growth in popularity and application. At that time, only a few companies turned their sales channels to the Internet to find business opportunities on the Internet. Can the Internet make money? Sounds like a joke, and Jack Ma has proved this bizarre talk with facts. From search engines to portals to the continuous development of Weibo, forums, and WeChat, people's lives and work are inseparable from the Internet. Even in my spare time, I play games and read the news to pass the time.

Nowadays, Internet marketing has become a hot topic in today's society. How to market? Where to market? Both have become the most concerned and most troublesome issue for business owners. The rapid development of the Internet era. Entities that make those with hindsight also begin to pay attention to Internet marketing strategies. How to have Internet thinking? How to build your own brand marketing path?

On the afternoon of 8.20, I was invited to participate in a Baidu brand marketing seminar. More than 200 guests from more than 160 companies gathered together to share brand marketing methods. Mr. Shi Liquan, General Manager of Baidu Branch, made an opening speech. Special guest Mr. Li Guangdou, the first person of Chinese brands, delivered a keynote speech and made an in-depth analysis of the concept of brand marketing. Provide guidance for the brand marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Li Guangdou mentioned at the meeting: In the era of digitalization, letting the world find you is more important than you find the world. It is a super platform that allows hundreds of millions of netizens to find you quickly. In the Internet age, SMEs need to shape their own brands, just like Samsung and Apple. What everyone sees is the effect of the brand.

The other is brand value. As a business owner, your consumers certainly want to see your brand as soon as possible. The same is true for searching online. If your brand does not appear on the first page, there is no promotional value.

Finally, Li Guangdou put forward the brand influence under the Internet thinking and the future brand development trend.

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