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Everything refrigerants - is there any difference between different brands

by:Arkool     2020-08-08

Many people who don't know the refrigerant, at the time of purchase everything refrigerants are always don't know choose what brand is good, compared to the most is the brand and dupont, always ask us a lot of, about the specific what is the difference between the two brands. So we also do the related study, dupont everything refrigerants and everything refrigerants are also a series of refrigerants, what's the difference? Learned from relevant channels, on the market at present actually is not only the two brands of everything refrigerants, and gold cold, dongyue, sinochem, blue sky and so on. But, in contrast, and dupont is belong to the quality of higher refrigerant, of course, a little bit higher prices. Dupont is higher than the price of that kind will be higher than 200 ~ 300 yuan/bottle. 

 The more the purity of refrigerants. The quality of the refrigerant. Dupont refrigerant R134a has a purity as high as 99. More than 99%, compared with other refrigerants will be slightly higher. ( At any time change the above prices are for reference only) Dupont 134 a refrigerant and everything except that two different refrigerants, the other is the same. So, in fact, dupont 134 a refrigerant and 134 a refrigerant and there is no big difference, the biggest difference is that the brand is different.
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