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Everything refrigerants compared with r12 air-conditioning refrigeration system

by:Arkool     2020-07-06
R - A and R - 134 12 air conditioning system, compared to the thermal properties and system structure are similar, the biggest difference is freezing oil. Frozen oil is a compatible with refrigerant, capable of compressor lubrication and stable chemical properties of the liquid lubricant, R - 12 of the frozen oil is a kind of soluble in R - 12 of mineral oil, people who engaged in air conditioning industry knows, R - 134 a is a molecular polarity strong polarity refrigerants, due to its polarity, and other mineral oil, such as alkyl oil, naphthenic base of mineral oil is not compatible, it must use glycol ( PAG) And polyether ( 坡) Class freezing oil. And ethylene glycol ( PAG) And polyether ( 坡) Kind of frozen oil and R - again 12 refrigerant incomplete miscibility, therefore cannot jian slip effect to the air conditioning system, due to the particularity of the lubricant, R - 134 a, air conditioning system and the nature of itself to the requirement of the rubber material with R - 12 is different, so the R - 134 a can only work in the systems with matching, R - whatever vehicle 134 a, air conditioning system, the manufacturer will be in the compressor, condenser, evaporator. The rubber hose and pump equipment indicated in 134 a symbol to prevent misuse. Because on the market of qualified and standard R - Is the price of 134 - a refrigerant R - 12 about three times, so some people in the car to install air conditioner added refrigerant for profiteering or covet is cheap, R - The air-conditioning system to pump R - 134 - a 12 refrigerants, although can send the cold wind, but will damage the compressor. Because general compressor have been injected into homogeneous frozen oil, although all pour oil will still remain some frozen inside the machine, two kinds of refrigerant refrigeration oil mixed together will slowly lose lubrication and damage to the air conditioning compressor, real call do more harm than good, so industry experts advise which kind of refrigerant pump to which kind of air conditioning system, interoperability. If using fake refrigerant in automobile air conditioning, because of the lack intermiscibility, will inevitably cause the compressor to oily, causes a rapid damage or frozen cold compressor oil gathered in evaporation of influence at the bottom of heat exchange and make the air conditioning effect is very poor, and most of the latent heat of evaporation of refrigerant ( At constant temperature, make a material by liquid phase shift for the gas phase heat) needed to Smaller, the air conditioning effect variation is inevitable.
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