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Everything refrigerants and the characteristics of refrigerant R22 is what

by:Arkool     2020-07-12
To analysis the application characteristics of refrigerant R22 refrigerant and everything is as follows: 1, the refrigerant R134a has a global warming ozeme depletion potential ( GWP) To zero. 25, R22 refrigerant is 0. 36, both belong to the greenhouse gases. 2, everything the snow kind of ozone-depleting ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) 0, R22 refrigerant is 0. 6, this is the reason for everything refrigerants became environmental protection refrigerants. 3, everything is volume of refrigerant R22 snow kind of 1. 47 times, and the latent heat of evaporation is small, so everything refrigerant refrigerating capacity of the unit is only 60% of R22 refrigerant units. Press unit refrigerating capacity price computation, refrigerant R22 unit price about the snow kind of everything about 60% of the unit. 4, refrigerant R134A has a thermal conductivity than that of R22 fell by 10%, so the refrigerant R134A has a unit of heat exchanger heat transfer area need to be more big. 5, the water imbibition of refrigerant R134A has a very strong, is 20 times that of the refrigerant R22, so greater demands of the dryer in the unit system, to avoid ice blocking phenomenon. 6, everything than snow kind of refrigerant R22 swelling of rubber material in effect is stronger, in actual operation and mid-cooling medium leakage rate is higher. In addition to copper corrosion resistance is stronger, in use process will happen & other; Copper plating phenomenon throughout the &; , so must add additive in the system. 7, refrigerant R134A has a system requires a dedicated compressor and special lipid lubricating oil, lipid lubricating oil with high water absorbability, high foaming ability and high diffusivity, on the stability of the system performance inferior to refrigerant R122 system used in the mineral oil. 8, refrigerant R134A has a HFCs refrigerant and its special lipid oil price is higher than the refrigerant R22, the operation of the equipment maintenance cost is higher.
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