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Everything, how much is the market price of refrigerant r22?

by:Arkool     2020-06-23
The refrigerant has been controlled to some extent, the total annual output of several major manufacturers are controlled to some extent, because of late R22 refrigerant utilization is more and more low, gradually replaced by the environmental protection of R410A, so the price is also slowly changed, with market price of R22 in 13 14 ~ 25 yuan/kg. To the current market price of R22 in 9 ~ 14 yuan/kg. Overall is to change, of course the price according to the different packing specifications and brand are not the same. All provide price belongs to the market average price, for reference only. Refrigerant R134a has a refrigerant is also known as cars, easy to cool the government provide of packing specifications are: small specifications packaging 220 ml/bottle, 250 ml/bottle, 300 ml/bottle, not reuse the cylinder 13. 6 kg, repeated use cylinder 450 kg / 500 kg / 926 kg / 1000 kg, 20 t tanker. Current for different packing specifications, the price is not the same, provided the market estimates R134a has a market price in 22 ~ 35 yuan/kg. Easy to cool refrigerant belongs to JuHua, dongyue, dupont of the big three north China suppliers, respectively, for the dealer channels, automobile terminal customers in price has a different degree of optimization policy, so the market price of the specific everything refrigerants, refrigerant R22, will first according to your consumption, and the choice of brand specific price to you, please call: 400 - 887 - 065, learn more refrigerant price information. Different sources and purchase quantity, different brand price difference is bigger. At the time of purchase, it is suggested that determined comprehensively according to their own requirements, use the brand, packaging, and purchasing quantity. Theoretically, the purchase quantity, the greater the average price is lower.
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