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Environmentally friendly refrigerant R407c and R22 refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-27
Refrigerant R407c is R32 and R125 / refrigerant plus everything according to certain proportion mixture refrigerants, compared with R22 refrigerant, it is a kind of the environmental protection refrigerant does not destroy the ozone layer. Is used to replace R22 refrigerant HFC refrigerants. Although with the performance of refrigerant R22 as refrigerant R407C is known, but many other differences and refrigerant R22 as refrigerant R407C, let us together to get to know the relevant difference between refrigerant R407C and R22 refrigerant. 1, belongs to mixed refrigerant R407C, single refrigerant R22 belongs to. 2, R407C, does not destroy the ozone layer, belongs to the environmental protection refrigerants; R22 refrigerant does great harm to the ozone layer, at present due to the gradually prepared for use. 3, R407C is very close to that of R22 evaporating pressure, but is slightly higher than that of R22 condensation pressure values. 4, research shows that when the evaporation R407C relative thermal conductivity of R22 is 83%; When the condensation of R407C relative thermal conductivity is 85% of R22. 5, due to the heat transfer rate and same pressure evaporating temperature, condensing temperature, the influence of the same heat transfer area, heat transfer ability than R22, R407C system to achieve the same capacity and COP must increase the area of the heat exchanger ( About 10%) 。 6, some data and test results show that R - 407 c refrigerant R22 refrigerant is the filling quantity of 90% - 95%. 7, in general, the suction pressure of refrigerant R407C is lower than R22 refrigerant. 8, the exhaust pressure of refrigerant R407C is higher than R22 refrigerant. 9日,R - The COP value of refrigerant 407 c lower than R2 refrigerants. 10 and the corresponding temperature under the same pressure.
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