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Environmental protection refrigerants R290 with R32 and physical properties

by:Arkool     2020-07-27
Ideal refrigerant should be: non-toxic, no explosion, effect on metal and nonmetal corrosion leakage, not burning, easy to detect, chemically stable, lubricating oil without damaging, with large latent heat of evaporation, harmless to the environment. Moreover refrigerant features should have the following characteristics: high pressure evaporation temperature will change with temperature, lower evaporation temperature, evaporation pressure is low, if the evaporation of refrigerant pressure below the atmospheric pressure, the air is easy to invade the system, system processing is difficult, so hope refrigerant in the evaporation of low temperature and the evaporation pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure. Latent heat to the latent heat of evaporation of refrigerant, said use less refrigerant can absorb a lot of heat. High temperature is higher than the critical temperature, said refrigerant condensation temperature is high, it can use the normal temperature of the air or water to cool, reach the role of condensed liquid refrigerant. Condensing pressure is low, lower pressure by using low pressure said the refrigerant can be liquefied, the compression ratio of the compressor is small, can save the power of the compressor. Lower temperature, the lower the freezing point of refrigerant refrigerant in the evaporator is frozen and won't be able to cycle. Smaller volume ratio of the gaseous refrigerant volume very little time, reduce cost, volume of the compressor be narrowed and the suction pipe and the exhaust pipe can use smaller refrigerant piping. The higher the density is higher than the density of liquid refrigerant, smaller pipe, fluid pipe available. Stable nature of refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle system, cold media only physical change, without chemical change, not decomposition. No corrosion of steel and metal non-corrosive, ammonia is corrosive to copper, so copper piping shall be used for ammonia refrigeration system; Better insulation, otherwise it will damage the insulation of compressor motor, so ammonia shall not be used in closed compressor, in order to avoid direct contact with copper coils. No pollution to the natural environment harmless, does not destroy the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect is low. Non-toxic no explosive and combustibility R290 basic performance Chinese name: propane. Molecular formula: C3H8 appearance and properties: colorless gas, tasted odourless; Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in ether and ethanol. Flash point ( ℃) :- 104; The explosion limit % ( V/V) : 9. 5; Lower explosive limit (% V/V) : 2. 1; Relative density ( Air = 1) : 1. 56. Heat of combustion ( kJ/mol) : 2217. Eight ignition temperature ( ℃) : 450 ~ 470; Note: flash point, flammable liquid on the surface of the steam and air is a mixture of contact with the fire temperature and flash occurred for the first time. R290 has: health hazard: is there a simple choking and anesthetic effect. 1% propane brief contact and do not cause symptoms; Concentration below 10%, only cause mild dizziness; Can appear when contact with high levels of anesthesia, loss of consciousness; Very high concentrations can cause choking. Dangerous characteristic: flammable gas, mixed with air to form explosive mixture, heat and flame is in danger of burning explosion. Small amount of filling and the amount of refrigerant R290 is only 40% ~ 55% of R22, R410a, less dosage, more economical. Low freezing point, latent heat of evaporation is bigger, makes the unit time cool faster; Small isentropic compression than power, make compressor work more easily, extend the service life of the compressor; Small molecular weight, good liquidity, lower delivery pressure, reduce the load of the compressor. Use of R290 refrigerants, energy-saving rate can reach 15-35%. R32 basic performance Chinese name: methylene fluoride; Molecular formula: CH2F2; Physical properties: a colorless, odorless, mild combustion ( A2 level) 。 Liquid specific heat at 25 ℃, KJ/( Kg·℃) ] 2. Such as pressure steam heat (35 Cp) 30 ℃, and 101. 3 kpa [ KJ/( Kg·℃) ] 0. 44 ozone-destroying ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) Coefficient values (0 global warming GWP) 670 the critical density, 0 g/cm3. Boiling point of evaporation potential, 430 KJ/Kg in 390. 5 R32 thermodynamic performance close to R410A.
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