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Environmental protection refrigerant hydrocarbon refrigerants become mainstream

by:Arkool     2020-08-20

In 2016, hydrocarbon refrigerant replacement of R22 containing freon refrigeration material such as gradually to speed up the pace, both at home and abroad enterprises focus and hot rods, China in December 2013, the beautiful new refrigerant demonstration line production using hydrocarbon refrigerants. Today, hydrocarbon refrigerants such environmental protection refrigerant has become the future trend of the market development, the current domestic air conditioning companies layout environmentally friendly refrigerant, domestic 18 of hydrocarbon refrigerants in air conditioning production line is undergoing a transformation. In fact, as early as in 2009 the world famous brands such as gree, midea and haier export Europe's top air conditioning start using hydrocarbon refrigerants, Europe is hydrocarbon refrigerants using a wide range of areas. So why do hydrocarbon refrigerants can replace freon? Basic reason lies in the high fluorine destroy ozone, the greenhouse effect, the advantage of the fluorine is cheap, no flammability. 

 Compared with fluorine refrigerant, the advantage of hydrocarbon refrigerants is the main energy saving and environmental protection, is pure natural refrigerant, which is hydrocarbon refrigerants become a mainstream fluorine replacement key, not only conforms to the trend of corporate social responsibility to protect the environment, at the same time, help customers to save energy and cost savings. From the industry development, the Montreal protocol requires eliminating traditional refrigerants, eliminate R22 with fluorine, such as the refrigerant will leave a huge market space and opportunities, at the same time, the domestic market agents and dealers of fluorine chemical industry chain, will be faced with the challenge of adjustment and transformation. In the next 2017 years, hydrocarbon refrigerants and the demand of the mixed working medium will have larger growth, the industry is expected to usher in greater development opportunities.

 Currently, produced by a Chinese hydrocarbon refrigerants beautiful ice refrigeration product research and development enterprise nanjing shark brand of hydrocarbon refrigerants, based on natural, pure natural, trumpets, energy conservation, environmental protection, is the only dare to promise of power saving rate is not less than 15% of the well-known brands, as a leading enterprise with scientific research strength, the scale of production, is now in a positive upward trend, is willing to work with the vast number of users at home and abroad hand in hand together, on a global replace freon 'express'. Easy to cool, founded in 2018, headquartered in jinniu district. Is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in a body's specialization of hydrocarbon refrigerants manufacturing enterprises. In the development of intelligent energy optimization at the same time, enterprises engaged in power transmission and distribution and control equipment sales, information systems integration services. As a focus of natural refrigerant production enterprise, our company is committed to global customers with leading technology, excellent quality of products. 'HCR - has yet to be developed 'HCR - 422 commercial refrigerant,' 'R - 412 automotive refrigerant,' 290 natural refrigerants 'and special frozen oil and including hydrocarbon refrigerants leakage warning system of multiple varieties, specifications of the products, can fully meet the various needs of different consumer groups. 

 From 'made in China' to 'created in China'. Company's electricity 'electric housekeeper SSAVE stabilizer', 'power saving guard power-saving stabilizer' product, is after many years of market practice, stable performance, Can work under various conditions) Energy saving effect, obvious electricity saving regulated products. Energy-saving rate at 5% 50%, suitable for all kinds of mechanical and electrical products of big energy saving reconstruction. 

 Company's 'water-based environmental protection type fire extinguisher' is our company newly launched a highly efficient, environmental protection, science and technology, security fire extinguisher, the fire extinguisher can replace the traditional dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. Water-based environmental protection type fire extinguisher non-toxic harmless, non-polluting, PH 6. 9, infinite close to neutral, to the human body in the respiratory tract, eyes, skin, no damage, completely subvert the traditional concept of fire extinguisher is injured 'a no innovation of enterprise, is a soulless enterprise, an enterprise without core technology is no backbone enterprises, a no backbone enterprise always stand up, looking to the future, easy to cool will adhere to the' free self development, independent innovation, brand 'development ideas, as the sky bluer, the water is more green and take action!
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