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Encountered in refrigeration equipment debugging operation phase three of the following are generally used inferior refrigerants

by:Arkool     2020-08-18

Used in refrigeration equipment debugging operation phase are generally inferior refrigerant is easy to cause these three questions: 

1) Refrigeration equipment refrigeration capacity obviously insufficient and through inspection found no other exceptions need to focus on the condition of the refrigerant; 

 2) Refrigeration dryer filter or expansion valve block, and the blockage is tan wax-like or black sludge need to focus on refrigerant when foreign body; 

 3) Operation process of refrigeration equipment, abnormal high and low pressure or temperature or refrigeration equipment balance when abnormal pressure (stop condition To control the refrigerant temperature and pressure characteristics) , need to focus on refrigerant. When these abnormal phenomena, it is suggested that extracting refrigerant tested for purity, to screen inferior refrigerant risk. 

 And in the meantime, it is suggested that the refrigerant compressor side drain or release all refrigerant refrigeration equipment, in order to avoid potential inferior refrigerant and compressor contact and damage the compressor. Once found caused by chemical pollution caused by inferior refrigerant compressor fault, unit parts or so had to use the same source in the field of refrigerant units ( Even if the unit can work normally) Also need to replace the refrigerant. Because of the effect of dangerous chemicals in the inferior refrigerant is sometimes slow, may be after a long time cause refrigeration equipment failure. Easy to cool, founded in 2018, headquartered in jinniu district. Is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in a body's specialization of hydrocarbon refrigerants manufacturing enterprises. In the development of intelligent energy optimization at the same time, enterprises engaged in power transmission and distribution and control equipment sales, information systems integration services. 

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