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downtown businesses fear drug addicts targeting freon in air conditioners

by:Arkool     2020-04-15
Toxic freon from the air in downtown Windsor
The air-conditioning device has been targeted by thieves and is believed to be a drug addict looking for powerful but potentially deadly high drugs. \"It\'s terrible --
For two nights in a row, they cut off the line and sniffed Freon higher, \"said a retailer in the city center.
Has had to face unwelcome people who visit her business on a regular basis --
One fell asleep on the floor recently.
She asked not to use her name.
It takes about $700 to replace the lost coolant each time.
After the second theft, the owner placed the Freon line behind the protective aluminum cladding.
Recently, when things in the Mandarin House start to heat up, the air conditioning of the restaurant will not be together.
In terms of operation, the owner Shen Ming called his service representative and found that someone cut off the power supply line for the air conditioning unit of the enterprise in the alley outside.
We have to control our city and our environment, but we don\'t.
Shen said it would cost about $1,000 to replace freon refrigerant discharged from the rear
Subsequently, it also wore protective metal sheaths to prevent thieves.
Just a few yards away, the air-conditioning department of another business in Block 300, Ouellette Avenue was similarly attacked and drained.
\"It\'s absolutely terrible,\" Rob cazman said . \".
His Katzman business has spent more than $7,700 to replace the air conditioner at Ellie Katz, east of Chatham Street, because someone has bugged Freon and damaged the device irretrievably. The late-
The August theft was the second one this summer, and he said it cost another $800.
Horizontal replacement inside the steel cage.
\"This is a problem in the city center . . . . . . (and)
This is unacceptable, \"said Larry Horvitz, president of the Windsor City Centre Business Improvement Association.
Freon \"huffing\" is to suck in the carbon fluoride refrigerant gas captured in the plastic bag and then put it on the head.
Chemicals discharge oxygen from the blood, the user\'s oxygen
The state of exhaustion causes light
The user is eager to be optimistic.
This is a dangerous height with a long list of ugly side effects including permanent lung and brain damage.
Windsor City Center Business Improvement Association CEO Larry Horvitz on Monday talked about vandalism in the alley between Ouellette Avenue and Pelissier Street, south of University Avenue. 17, 2018.
Dax Melmer/Windsor StarCoping during the opioid abuse crisis, local health authorities contacted by The Star on Monday said Freon huffing did not appear to be on their drug abuse radar.
A spokesman for the Windsor Police said that in addition to seeing a Freon thief breathing in the air
Theft of air conditioning or other refrigerant will be recorded as a prank.
\"It\'s not just vandalism,\" said Ron Barra, owner of the Coffee Exchange and member of DWBIA\'s board of directors.
\"Their only goal is Freon-
They\'re calling it.
\"If the intent is just a prank or property loss, Balla says the perpetrator can do more damage to the air conditioner with little effort.
\"This has never happened before,\" he said . \".
Katzman said the copper was taken when Alley Katz tampered with the air conditioner for the second time, but for the first time --
With the last four events, the star was told on Monday
Only the Freon family disappeared.
Shen, at the Mandarin Hotel, said he did not believe he was the target of a drug addict, but that he could not explain why someone would just use the refrigerant instead of the copper pipe that delivered the air coolant.
Both retailers Horwitz and Balla, who want to remain anonymous, say Freon theft is a symptom of the safety and security issues that need to be addressed in downtown Windsor.
RelatedJarvis: the coalition to address homelessness explains the action plan in the shadows: people living on Windsor streets struggle in the plentyHorwitz era to say that DWBIA will start installing lights in three back lanes this month, to reduce darkness and terror.
But he said the city should also make this a priority and expand business efforts.
Thousands of new students are coming to the city center, Horvitz said, and now is the time for the city to address the relatively small core issues that many social institutions in Windsor focus their resources on.
\"If Windsor is serious about having a great city center, we can\'t put everything in a 6-block radius —
\"It doesn\'t work anywhere else,\" he said . \".
On Monday, a damaged air conditioner was displayed in an alley between Ouellette Avenue and Pelissier Street. 17, 2018.
The Dax Melmer/Windsor StarWith election promises to increase police power in the city center, and Balla says it\'s not just the number of people that matter, but the type of policing.
He said he wanted to see more officers leave the cruisers and mix up with the people they should be watching, including walking patrols in the back lane.
\"We have to control our city and our environment, but we don\'t,\" Balla said . \".
As for the retailer, who is running on a regular basis-
Sometimes meet some incoherent homeless people who walk into her business
Including someone who recently kept banging his head on the counter and scaring other customers --
She said she wanted someone to buy her business so she could leave the city center.
\"I don\'t want to do this anymore,\" she said . \".
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