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Don't forget to pick refrigerant when you buy an air-conditioner, R22 don't buy, R32 and R410a, differences there are many

by:Arkool     2020-08-24

Refrigerant is what? Refrigerant is also known as 'cold media', 'snow', seen webmaster friends all know that article before the working principle of the air conditioning refrigerant is something that flows in the pipeline, a bit like gasoline. Air conditioner starts, refrigerant in the evaporator ( Condenser) Under the action of constantly from the transformation between the gaseous and liquid, endothermic and exothermic effect, lower or higher indoor temperature. Air conditioning refrigerant model according to the composition of refrigerant inside material, different refrigerants are divided into multiple categories, as we would have no.  92 gasoline, no.  95, no.  97 and so on. In our household air conditioner, most often appear of several refrigerants is R22, R32 and R410a. In the past, we haven't heard when you buy an air-conditioner estimate these nouns, listen more is 'freon' instead. In fact, freon in code is R22 refrigerant. R22 refrigerant ( Freon) As is known to all, freon proved to us that the earth's ozone layer damage, does not conform to our environmental protection idea, so now the new air conditioning, has been rarely used as refrigerant R22, but USES the new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant instead. If everybody when buying air conditioning, also can see the model on the air conditioning refrigerant parameters, suggest or don't buy it. Environmental protection refrigerants mentioned above, the refrigerant of R22 such does not conform to the environmental protection idea, now of the refrigerant is gradually replaced by the new environmental protection refrigerants, and the new environmental protection refrigerants, when is the best R32 and R410a. 

 So the question comes, these two kinds of new environmental protection refrigerants, which better? Believe that many people will say: two alternate use don't know? Like cars, 92 # gasoline exhausted, change into 95 # gasoline. But in fact, a air conditioner refrigerant model is fixed, buy is R410a, later can only add R410a, if you want to switch to R32, sorry, air conditioning will be broken. So, when buying air conditioning, should choose a good refrigerant, choose better refrigerants. R32 and R410a difference at the end of the day, select new environmental protection refrigerants, should choose from both the R32 and R410a, which one is better? Master give you simple say once! R32: methylene fluoride, R410a: two five fluorine fluorine methane and ethane ( R125) A mixture of; Although the name is different, but can be understood as, R410a is on the basis of 50% of R32, mixed with a mixture of 50% R125. If you go to buy refrigerants, sales generally suggest you buy R410a, he'll say R410a is more popular in the United States, Japan and other developed countries, it is internationally recognized as alternative refrigerant R22 is best. 

 While it is true, but R32 than R410a several advantages: 1. Greener R32 and R410a while are new environmental protection refrigerants, won't destroy the ozone layer, but also proved R410a than R32 is easier to cause the greenhouse effect, causing global warming. 2. Refrigeration efficiency higher, more energy efficient on the refrigeration efficiency and system performance, the refrigerating capacity of the R32 is 12% higher than R410a, after all, it is not a mixture. Scaling down, the use of this kind of refrigerant can effect comparing higher, more energy efficient. 3. Consumption, low cost of R32 pressure is bigger, this means that in the same size of the air conditioning pipe, filling quantity of R32 will be more (less About 71% of R410a) 。 

 Can be understood as simply, the same work, two people do at the same time, with R32 will take seven days to complete, and it will take 10 days to do with R410a. The cost will be higher, also because of this, R410a purchase price is also higher ( Hybrid has the certain difficulty) 。 R32, however, the biggest flaw is the lack of stability, lack of security, combustible. Before a few years there have been many air conditioning explosion of news, R32 leak if exposed to fire will explode, joined the R125 R410a, relatively more stable. Also because of this, many people today, including air conditioning maintenance master, have some fear to R32, R410a became the enemy R32's biggest market.
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