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Distinguish refrigerant with R22 refrigerant R134a has a difference in the application of place

by:Arkool     2020-07-31
At present for the amateur, for the impression of fluorine refrigerant or stay on at the beginning of freon, the serious pollution of the atmosphere, the main culprit was the cause of the greenhouse effect. So late for attaches great importance to the fluorine refrigerant, and rapid development. From to the refrigerant R22 as refrigerant R12 to everything and refrigerant R410A and extensive application of new environmentally friendly refrigerants. This years become one of the hot issues in the environmental protection, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the refrigerant R22 refrigerant and everything cold media compare, determine which refrigerant greener and more practical? The so-called green refrigerant R134a has a, R410A and R407C also belong to the family of freon, so the concept of fluorine bans confuse the ban should not be banned content. The ban fluorine refers to the various media banned CFC CFCs material, material instead of HCFCs and HFCs. There is a big difference between the two. Refrigerant R134a has a and the main application of R22 refrigerant R134a has a cold media as the most widely used in low temperature environmental protection refrigerants, due to the R - 134 a good comprehensive performance, make it become a kind of very effective and safe substitute for R12, mainly applied in the field, in the use of the majority of refrigerant R12 include: refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, auto air conditioning, central air-conditioning, dehumidifier, cold storage, commercial refrigeration, ice water machine, ice cream machine, refrigeration condensing units, refrigeration equipment, at the same time also can be used in aerosol propellant, medical, aerosol, insecticides aerosol propellant polymer ( Plastic) Physical foaming agent, and magnesium alloy shielding gas, etc. Everything refrigerant can be widely used for automobile air conditioner, refrigerator, central air conditioning, commercial refrigeration industry such as refrigerant, and can be used in medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, cleaning industry. Refrigerant R22 as today the most widely used in low temperature, is mainly used in household air conditioner, commercial air conditioning, central air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, frozen type dryer, cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, Marine refrigeration equipment, industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, refrigeration condensing units, supermarket display cabinets and other refrigeration equipment. Two fluorine monochloro methane can also be used in the production of ptfe resin raw materials and fire extinguishing agent 1121 intermediate, and used for polymer ( Plastic) The physical foaming agent. Refrigerant R134a has a analysis 1, with the characteristics of R22 refrigerant R134a has a thermal conductivity than R22 fell by 10%, so everything of the unit heat exchanger heat transfer area need to be more big. 2, R134a has a strong water imbibition, 20 times that of R22, so greater demands of the dryer in the unit system, to avoid ice blocking phenomenon. 3, R134a has a specific volume is 1 of R22. 47 times, and the latent heat of evaporation is small, so everything refrigerating capacity of the unit is only 60% of R22 unit. Calculated on unit refrigerating capacity price, the price of R22 unit about everything about 60% of the unit. 4, everything with R22 belongs to greenhouse gases. 5, everything ozone-depleting ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) 0, R22 is 0. 6, this is the reason for everything become environmentally friendly refrigerants. 6, everything is larger than that of R22 in rubber material swelling effect is stronger, in actual operation and mid-cooling medium leakage rate is higher. In addition to copper corrosion resistance is stronger, in use process will happen 'copper plating phenomenon', so must add additive in the system. 7, everything system requires a dedicated compressor and special lipid lubricating oil, lipid lubricating oil with high water absorbability, high foaming ability and high diffusivity, on the stability of the system performance inferior to R22 system used in the mineral oil. 8, everything HFCs refrigerant and its special lipid oil prices are higher than that of R22, the operation of the equipment maintenance cost is higher. In our country present stage compared with R134a has a kind of environmental protection refrigerants, refrigerant R22 still possesses the advantages of high efficiency, stability, cheap, in the aspect of the application of large refrigeration unit will also be in a dominant position, in an ideal refrigerant before birth, R22 refrigerant can also be consumption by 2040. Above is the use of refrigerant R22 and R134a has a difference, thus we can see that in the short term there is no ideal refrigerant, environmental protection refrigerants development also need to continue to improve, looking for performance, application and cost etc is the most suitable refrigerants model, need to work together in the future global.
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