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Discarded refrigerant can emissions need to be careful

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
According to the atmospheric pollution prevention law of the People's Republic of China 'and' the Montreal protocol on ozone depleting substances, in the refrigerator, air-conditioner maintenance must produce waste in the process of refrigerant recycle control, shall not be arbitrarily emissions to the atmosphere environment. The refrigerant manufacturer after notice immediately after repair outlets, the maintenance of the refrigeration system, will be implemented in accordance with the requirements for refrigerant recovery process, will be abandoned refrigerant recycling to recycle cans, concentrated into a recycling tank back to headquarters, the headquarters unified storage and utilization, so as not to cause damage to the atmospheric ozone layer. Have a request about recycle refrigerant 1, recovery of refrigerants, according to the different nature of the refrigerant recovery to a tank, shall not be different refrigerant mixture. 2, recovery of refrigerants, clearly marked out what kind of refrigerant on the tank. 3, the refrigerant tank must be standard refrigerant tank, shall not use homemade gas recovery. 4, the recycling tank pressure shall not exceed the nominal pressure and weight of the tank.
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