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Cut HFCs Kigali amendment approved by the limited use of environmentally friendly refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-04
OFweek energy conservation and environmental protection on July 5, local time, the European parliament has approved to cut for hvac, air conditioning and refrigeration hydrofluorocarbons (in the field of HFCs) The Montreal protocol of Kigali amendment. In October last year, the global reach to cut the Montreal protocol of HFCs Kigali amendment. On July 5, the European parliament approved the amendments to Kigali, make the amendment distance effect further. The eu can eventually adopt Kigali amendment is still up in the air, because the amendment needed as the conference of parties to the Montreal protocol jointly approved USES 28 members of the European Union. Kigali amendment will become effective on January 1, 2019, the premise is to have at least 20 the Montreal protocol approved the amendment of the parties, if the 20th national approval date later than January 1, 2019, you need to come into force in 20th 90 days after approved by the contracting parties. Therefore, part of the eu member states approved amendments to Kigali, would be enough to suggesting the amendment to take effect. At present, the two nations have approved the Kigali amendment: the approval of the Marshall islands on March 2 in Mali on March 31 for approval. Kigali amendment on October 15, 2016, the amendment 197 parties to the Montreal protocol is legally binding. Developed countries will take the lead in to this potent greenhouse gas cuts, these countries will start at baseline (from 2019 2011 - In 2013 the average) Cut by 10%, to 2036 by 85%. Developing countries are divided into two groups: one group for including China and African countries, most of the developing countries, the first group of developing countries would freeze HFCs consumption in 2024, and from 2029, start cutting process; Including India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and the gulf states, few developing countries can slow freezing HFCs and cutting, the second group of developing countries will freeze HFCs from 2028, cut HFCs consumption since 2032. Kigali amendments listed in the need to cut the HFCs species including the main, everything, R143, R245fa, R365mfc, R227ea, R236cb, R236ea, R236fa, R245ca, R43 - 10 mee, R32, R125, R143a, R41, R152, R152a and R23. Some HFC mixtures composed of commonly used HFC substances, such as R404A and R410A, also within the scope of control in Kigali amendment. Kigali amendment as the Paris agreement designed to cope with climate change after a specific international convention, hvac, air conditioning and refrigeration industry widely welcomed. In many application fields, the natural working substance as to adapt to the market, as well as a way of high efficiency and energy saving refrigerants, has been widely used as a substitute for HFCs.
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