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Cryogenic refrigerant R23 application solutions

by:Arkool     2020-07-10
Refrigerant R23 ( Trifluoromethane) Refrigerant R23, R23 as part of the HFC substances ( The ODS Ozone - 消耗物质) — — So completely does not destroy the ozone layer, is currently the vast majority of countries in the world recognized and recommended to use environmental protection refrigerants, is also the current mainstream environmental protection refrigerants, widely used in refrigeration equipment ( Ultra-low temperature, cryogenic) Add in the process of die erste installation and maintenance. R23 main use R23 as a widely used cryogenic refrigerants, because HFC - 23 good comprehensive performance, make it become a kind of very effective and safe CFC - 13 ( R13, R - 13, Freon 13, Freon - 13) And R - Substitute for 503, is mainly used in environmental test chamber/equipment ( Hot and cold impact testing machine) , the lyophilizer/freeze dryer, cryogenic refrigerator or freezer, cryogenic equipment such as blood bank refrigerators, biochemical test chamber ( Including research refrigeration, medical refrigeration, etc. ) That see more used for the cascade refrigeration system of low temperature level. Trifluoro methane, at the same time also can be used as a gas fire extinguishing agent, is the ideal substitute for halon 1301, has many characteristics, such as cleaning, low toxicity and fire extinguishing effect is good. Although alternative refrigerants R23 is new cryogenic refrigeration equipment freon R13 and R - 503 one of the most common choice, but because the R23 and R13, R503 physicochemical properties, theoretical cycle performance and compressor oil are not the same, and so for die erste installation for R13 and R503 refrigerant refrigeration equipment after-sales maintenance, if need to add or replace refrigerants, still can add R13 and R503, usually can not directly and substitute R23 R13, R503 ( That is often not the type of replacement can be change) 。 R23 supporting the use of frozen oil and refrigerant R23 usually with refrigeration oil: THERM - 32T( Special formula) ,CPI唯一LT - 32, etc. Eventually in different equipment, different application places use what kind of frozen oil, should follow the refrigeration compressor and refrigeration ( Air conditioning) Equipment manufacturers advice, or according to the refrigeration compressor, refrigeration equipment using the specific circumstances to determine the use of the same design requirements of freezer lubricating oil, namely select peer-to-peer frozen oil.
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