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Cryogenic air source heat pump popular reason

by:Arkool     2020-03-22
Northern China is cold in winter, before 2017, most areas in northern China using heating boiler system, boiler energy efficiency is not high, but emissions is higher, the air pollution is serious, ultra-low temperature air source heat pump is the use of air as low-grade heat source for heating or hot water device, can also be used for cooling in the summer, ultra-low temperature air source heat pump is characterized by flexible configuration, reliable operation, energy efficient, maintenance easy and simple installation. Ensure its in - heat pump system 25 ℃ can normal heating, so as to realize the possibility of air source heat pump heating in cold area, and he compared with boiler, there is no air pollution. Air source heat pump installation of flexible, easy to use, with a relatively low initial investment, more suitable for the family to install. Air source heat pump technology is the biggest characteristic of energy saving. Because of the cryogenic air source heat pump with high efficiency, therefore consumes only a part of power consumption can be 3 ~ 4 times as much heat. Therefore, it is very popular among users. < p> < / p>
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