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Condenser fault handling

by:Arkool     2020-08-30

When the capacitor failure occurs, we how to deal with? Several treatment methods for everybody to learn. 

 ( 1) When the capacitor explosion fire, immediately disconnect the power supply, and used sand and dry fire extinguisher. 

 ( 2) When the capacitor safety fuse, shall report to the scheduling and to get approval before you start capacitor circuit breaker. Cut off the power to discharge its first external checks, such as casing external presence of flashover trace, whether shell deformation, the oil and the grounding device for the short circuit, etc. , and shake the measuring electrode and extremely to ground insulation resistance value, check the connection of capacitor set is complete, firm, if there is a lack of phase, such as not found fault phenomenon, can change after good insurance investment. Such as electric transmission insurance still fusing, should quit the capacitor, and recovery for the rest of the transmission. If the safety fuse at the same time, the circuit breaker tripping, strong not send at this time. Subject to the check in again after a good insurance investment. 

 ( 3) Capacitor circuit breaker tripped, and shunt insurance did not break, should be on the capacitor discharge three minutes later, check the breaker current transformer power cable and external capacitor. If no abnormalities are found, it may be due to external fault busbar voltage fluctuation. After check, can be Fielding drills;

 Otherwise, should further to protect the comprehensive electric test. Through the above inspection, test, if still can not find out the reason, must be in accordance with the regulations, to test capacitor gradually. Before find out the reason, may not be Fielding drills. When handling fault capacitor safety matters. Processing after fault capacitor should disconnect capacitors circuit breaker, isolating switch on either side of the open circuit breaker, and the capacitor group after discharge. Capacitor group by the discharge resistance, discharge transformer or after discharge, discharge voltage transformer as part of the residual charge a set, it should be fixed good grounding in the end, with a ground rod multiple until no spark of capacitor discharge and discharge, and then to fasten on grounding clip. Because internal fault capacitor may be poor contact, lead wire break or safety fuse wait for a phenomenon, therefore may still have some charge not put out, so the maintenance staff before contact fault capacitor, still should wear insulating gloves, with short line fault capacitor poles of the nipple, should also be separately for discharge.
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