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Compared with R22 air conditioner R410A air conditioning

by:Arkool     2020-06-15
At present, the domestic commonly used refrigerant R22, it belongs to as working medium, the damage effects of atmospheric ozone layer, according to the Montreal convention belong to the substance to be eliminated, the Chinese government has pledged to ban the production and use in 2030. There is no pollution to the environment, and the new refrigerant R410A is an ideal way to replace R22 refrigerant. And the use of new refrigerant R410A air conditioning and compared using R22 refrigerant air conditioning, mainly has the following difference: 1, different refrigerant ( R410A) ; 2, selection of compressor is different, for the new refrigerant compressor ( Special) ; 3, the new refrigerant R410A air conditioning has a filter drier, and using R22 refrigerant air conditioning is generally not dry filter. 4, the new air conditioning refrigerant R410A in two, and system piping, although there is no difference in appearance and use of R22 air conditioning, the demand is higher, but its manufacturing process in the system of water content and impurity content is lower than using R22 air conditioner, and higher pressure resistance. 5, manufacturing process is different, the new refrigerant R410A air conditioning technology is critical. Cooling system: 1, the refrigeration system of high pressure is: 3. 0 mp, low pressure as follows: 1. 2MP。 ( In the same situation for R22 1. 5 times) 2, new refrigerant R410A fission when installation, connecting pipe must be used in special tube R410A, emptying, must use R410A refrigerant emptying, shall not be used and R22 air conditioning connecting pipe and confused refrigerants, otherwise will affect the stability of the use of air conditioning. 3, because the R410A refrigerant compressor used in the fission machine with POE oil lubrication, POE oil and water, formation water and acid, and the generated water can cause POE oil reaction further, if the chain reaction down for a long time, the moisture inside the system will be more and more, could make the capillary in ice plug phenomenon; At the same time system circulation within the working medium acid will be more and more high, PH lower) , could lead to corrosion in the system components, and produced copper plating. Therefore, when installed, the movement wants quickly, after open the connection pipe plug, must within five minutes to tighten the nut, emptying time. When installed, it is forbidden to sweat drip into the connecting tube; It is strictly prohibited to other insoluble impurities mixed with the system. And the installation of R410A refrigerant fission machine, it is best in sunny day, rainy day, should not be conducted when humidity is big, also may be undertaken. 4, the chloride ion can react and R410A refrigerant and POE oil, acid corrosion parts of cooling system. Therefore, when installation shall not be mixed with chloride within the system. Such as drip into the sweat, and other impurities containing chloride ion. 5, when maintenance, cut refrigeration system as long as it is, for whatever reason, must change the filter drier. Cut open after the refrigeration system, must be immediately encase with something break open, in order to prevent moisture from the air into the system. The time in the refrigeration system is exposed to the air shall not be more than five minutes. 6, when change the filter drier, open at both ends of the filter drier after closing plug, welding must be within five minutes into the system so as to isolate air as soon as possible, otherwise will affect the performance of the filter drier. 7, at the time of maintenance after the completion of vacuum, the vacuum pump shall be used by special vacuum pump, the application of lipid oil, lubricating oil pump and the pump shall not be used to using R22 air conditioner to pumping air into vacuum state, otherwise it will cause mixed refrigerant pollution, which affects the performance of the air conditioning. Must ensure that the vacuum time in more than 25 minutes. Otherwise the moisture inside the system would be on the high side, it will affect the use of air conditioning stability. 8, when maintenance, if need to replace parts, special parts, must use the R410A can not mix and R22, otherwise it will affect the stability of the air conditioning. 9, R410A refrigerant should be stored in under 30 ° C environment, if the above 30 ° C, in the environment must be under 30 ° C environment should only be used for more than 24 hours, or cold media group branch change, impact on the performance of air conditioning. Another new refrigerant R410A and R407C similar considerations, the only different places in refrigerant charging ways: 1, when the R407C after air conditioning in a large number of leakage, should put off all the refrigerant in the air conditioning, after vacuum filling. If only a small amount of leakage, can be directly filling, but must ensure that the liquid filling. 2, when the refrigerant in the refrigerant remaining amount is less than 10% of full bottles (after Like 10 kg of R407C, with 9 kg, after the rest of the 1 kg can no longer use) The refrigerant will no longer use.
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