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Commonly used as refrigerant R22 related problem summary

by:Arkool     2020-07-29
Refrigeration industry advances, the widespread use of refrigerant R22, people from the purchase and use of R22 refrigerant there are a lot of questions. Want to know more about some knowledge of the refrigerant R22? Today we will inquire the R22 refrigerant most problems made a summary. Q: R22 refrigerant which brand is better? Answer: the current popular brands with dupont, on the market, dongyue, gold is cold, and the blue sky, etc. , can be rest assured to buy, but now in the market of counterfeit refrigerants also pretty much, so still need to pay attention to when the choose and buy, it is best to find manufacturers or agents to buy directly. Q: refrigerant R22 refrigerant belong to environmental protection? A: R22 refrigerant belongs to low temperature refrigerant, is an important raw material and production in the production of teflon agent 1211 intermediate, R22 refrigerant formula with ( cl) It is causing the ozone layer depletion. So now according to the different functions. By ( 替代工质R407C, R410A R134a, R417A R404A, R507, R23, R508A, R508B R152a) The model has been replaced. Q: are there any poison in refrigerant R22? A: R22 at room temperature for colorless, approximate tasteless gas, not burning, explosion, corrosion, toxic slightly, but is still a safe refrigerants, security classified as A1. Q: how to judge whether air conditioning lack of fluorine? Answer: trachea valve ( Thick tube) Dry. No obvious cool sense of touch; Fluid pipe valve ( A tube) Frost. The reason is lack of fluoride; The exhaust air outdoor without thermal; Little or no drainage drainage hose drainage; From the fluoride mouth filling outdoor measuring pressure is lower than 0. 45MPa。 Q: how do r22 refrigerant true and false identification? Answer: the purchase of R22 refrigerant so many fakes on the market, for the moment, there is no special effective way of identifying, mainly from the price is too low, there will be a problem with general post, followed by the dose. Guaranteed authentic refrigerant dosage, many counterfeit products are produced using R12 to pump. And insufficient doses, according to the pressure, to adjust the proportion of the weight. Finally is the appearance of packaging identification, quality goods refrigerants are brand, manufacturer, address, etc. If it is counterfeit refrigerants most use English to deceive consumers.
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