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Common sense of home appliances丨The air conditioner does not heat up? Preserving these is more powerful than the maintenance master

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue cold wave warning. There will be a cooling rain across the country, and the temperature across the country will drop by 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, with a local drop of more than 15 degrees Celsius! Everyone knows that the heating effect of the air conditioner is not so ideal in the cold winter. So why does the air conditioner have a bad heating effect in the winter? What are the reasons? This article explains in detail the common factors that cause poor heating performance of air conditioners.

1. What is the main principle of air conditioning heating?

When the air conditioner is heating, the gas freon is pressurized by the compressor to become a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which enters the heat exchanger of the indoor unit (the condenser at this time), condenses and liquefies to release heat and becomes a liquid. The indoor air is heated to achieve the purpose of increasing the indoor temperature. The liquid freon is decompressed by the throttling device, enters the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit (in this case, the evaporator), evaporates and gasifies to absorb heat and becomes a gas, and at the same time absorbs the heat of the outdoor air (the outdoor air becomes colder). The Freon that has become a gas enters the compressor again to start the next cycle.

2. Why the colder the weather, the worse the heating effect?

The colder the weather, the lower the outdoor temperature, it is more difficult for the air conditioner to absorb heat from the outdoor air environment, resulting in a relatively poor heating effect.

3. During the heating process, why does the indoor unit stop air supply for a certain period of time, and then automatically turn on after a few minutes?

The air conditioner is defrosting. The indoor unit will stop working during the defrosting process, and will continue to work after the defrosting process. When heating in winter, because the evaporating temperature of the outdoor unit heat exchanger (ie condenser) is below zero, the outdoor air flowing through the condenser will condense on the fins and form frost. The frost will affect the heat exchange of the condenser. The area and the amount of air circulation affect the heating effect of the air conditioner.

4. How to judge whether an air conditioner is heating normally?

The standard of air conditioner cooling and heating inspection: 15-20 minutes after starting up, measure the temperature with the test head of the thermometer at a distance of 10-20mm from the indoor air inlet and outlet, and the temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet should not be less than 10 ℃ during cooling. , In the heating state (heat pump type air conditioner) the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet should not be less than 15℃, and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the electric auxiliary heating type air conditioner should not be less than 23℃;

5. Why doesn't the temperature of the air outlet mean that there is a problem with the air conditioner?

The standard for judging and measuring the normal air conditioner is mainly based on the temperature difference between the air inlet and the air outlet of the internal unit when the air conditioner is heating. As long as the temperature difference between the two reaches the standard, it can be judged that the air conditioner has no problem. . There are many factors affecting the temperature of the air outlet, one is the match between the machine and the environment, the other is the temperature of the room, and other external influences.

6. Why does the air conditioner keep turning on, and the temperature rises slowly after reaching a certain temperature?

The room temperature is low, so the air conditioning heating increases the room temperature more obviously. As the room temperature increases, the difference between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature increases, and the more heat is transferred from the room to the outside, and the indoor temperature rises slower. When the temperature difference reaches a certain level, the heat generated by the air conditioner is just transferred to the outdoors and neutralized, so at this level, the temperature will not rise any more.

7. Why do I often hear the crackling sound when the air conditioner is heating?

Most of the exterior parts of the internal air conditioner are made of plastic. When heating (the same when cooling), the plastic parts will expand and contract with heat, and the small deformation of the shell will produce sound. Normally, this situation will gradually disappear after the plastic part is shaped.

8. Why sometimes the air conditioner turns on and smells?

(1) The smell of the newly decorated room is sucked into the air conditioner;

(2) Other odor sources in the room are sucked into the air conditioner;

(3 ) The newly installed machine has a slight plastic smell in a short period of time, which will disappear soon;

(4) The air filter of the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time.

9. Why is the indoor unit not running and the outdoor unit running during heating?

Heating and cooling are just the opposite. The work of the indoor unit and that of the outdoor unit are interchanged. When cooling, the indoor unit is running water, while heating is just the opposite. The frost produced by the outdoor environment temperature is too cold to attach to the fins. At a certain time, the frost needs to be melted into water and flow down.

10. Why does the indoor unit sometimes become louder and smaller?

One situation is that the air conditioner filter is dirty and the air flow is uneven. Another situation is that when the air conditioner is heating, in order to ensure that the air conditioner blows hot air, the indoor motor automatically adjusts the wind speed according to the heat. High winds and low winds are normal.

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