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Cold storage refrigerant which one to use? ( ]

by:Arkool     2020-07-24
In the use of cold storage, will inevitably faced with the choice of refrigerant, depending on the cold storage, refrigerant mainly can be divided into ammonia refrigeration system and freon refrigeration system two kinds big, this is what we often mentioned 'ammonia library' and 'fluorine library'. Want to make the use of cold storage effect is best, you must choose reasonably refrigerants, only in this way can make the use of cold storage performance more stable and help save the energy consumption of the use of the user. 1, direct expansion supply liquid refrigerant directly through the refrigerating unit, accumulator expansion valve, then flows through the evaporator and the cooling tube, the evaporator and the cooling pipe, to provide the role of the refrigerant to cold storage. This way of using although simple, but it is difficult to control the amount of feed liquid refrigerant, it is easy to affect the cold storage refrigeration effect, is a kind of refrigeration freon refrigeration system is more common. 2, gravity feed liquid gravity feed liquid is refrigerator is more commonly used a cooling mode, its in the middle of the evaporator and expansion valve added a gas-liquid separator, the refrigerant after reach a certain amount of liquid, directly for the static pressure of liquid column, will supply cold storage refrigeration liquid cooling equipment. For this kind of cooling mode, the most commonly used refrigerants is ammonia refrigeration, which can be through the ammonia liquid separator, the cold storage refrigeration equipment to provide enough refrigerant, ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system. 3, pump cycle for pump cycle for liquid is also called for liquid ammonia pump, the main can be divided into aspirant, under and on down into the two ways, the two ways can effectively ensure the cold storage refrigeration system of refrigerant supply, refrigerant refrigeration equipment, to play the best cooling effect. For the regulation of liquid ammonia pump, but had better have multiple pipelines, it can be adjusted by liquid, let it to place such as refrigeration, freezing room for liquid, to ensure that the refrigeration effect.
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