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Chinese refrigerator industry market development present situation and future prospect is analysed

by:Arkool     2020-04-06
< p> most consumers when buying food products is more of a focus on the production date and shelf life, mostly ignore 'transportation, storage, sale, cold storage' link, the link once appear 'rupture', can cause the food safety incident. As the saying goes, the people-based, yen. Countries also pay special attention to problems of people's diet, food safety accidents in our country emerge in endlessly. Is urgent to strengthen the food cold-chain infrastructure, according to relevant data shows, in the size of the cold chain, the size of Japan and South Korea is 10 ~ 20 times of our country, and Europe and the United States is 5 ~ 10 times that of our country. Cold storage cold storage size in the United States have reached more than 20 million tons, and the capacity of our country has not reached 10 million tons, but the population of our country is five times as fast as in America. So visible refrigerator cold storage market is a big gap in our country, the construction of our country to strengthen food safety will also drive the prosperity and development of the refrigerator cold storage project. It is reported, China's many large and medium-sized cold storage are built in the 60 s and 70 s last century, is now also already old, need to be expanded and technical innovation. Although our country has a certain number of little cool growth, but in view of the people's demand is not enough. From the point of consumer demand, the domestic consumer demand for frozen food, dairy products, cold drinks is presents the fast growth. Among them, the frozen food sales have for many years in supermarket chain of food commodities are sold in the country top, dairy consumption average annual growth rate has reached 15% ~ 25%, and the highest in the world, and cold drinks the demand of the market reached a total of 2. 6 million tons per capita consumption 2 kg/year. China's food industry of cold chain logistics demand of years to reach 100 million tons, while the annual growth rate is kept above 8%. At the same time, in order to meet the consumer demand of cold storage, frozen food, the cold storage construction of our country is developing very rapidly, with Yangtze river delta, jiangsu and zhejiang, hubei, shandong, henan and other major fruits, vegetables, the development of the production speed is the most representative. According to experts predicted, with the rapid development of Chinese economy and consumer goods is increasing day by day, the next 10 years, our country refrigerator could grow at an average annual growth of more than 28%, cold storage grew by an average of more than 30%. In fact, the advantages of large state-owned enterprises still focus more on the cold storage resources. The future intelligent will be a new trend of cold storage, with the progress of technology and breakthrough of CNC machinery automation control technology, we believe that the intelligent refrigerator will become a reality in the near future, and popularity. Now the state encourages the development of energy saving, environmental protection, low consumption, high efficiency, so the cold storage industry is developing rapidly at the same time, more should comply with the national development, energy saving, environmental protection. This also contributed to the cold storage of intelligent building is for the sake of the trend of development. Cold storage as the central part of food of low temperature circulation, a few years in our country in refrigerator industry scale, storage capacity, scientific management, electronic technology, etc, have improve the quality, the cold storage industry were more concentrated, good investment environment, space widened. A good running environment promoted the development of cold storage intellectualization in our country, and gradually become the development trend, and the development of the freezer, with the development of the intelligent refrigerator has entered a new stage.
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