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Central air conditioning and fluorine simple operation method, and the judgment method

by:Arkool     2020-07-14
The central air conditioning system with general hanging, desktop air conditioning. The central air conditioning system consists of cold and heat source system and air conditioning system. The principle of using liquid cooling for the air conditioning system provide the required cold quantity. The current central air conditioning is divided into system and water system. Two different kinds of work patterns are very popular. And, of course, if not refrigeration, most are also the cause of the lack of refrigerant, the following will give you a simple introduction of the central air conditioning and some operating methods of fluoride. A, how to determine the central air conditioning lack of fluorine judgment method and the general lack of fluorine of central air conditioning air conditioning, air-conditioning refrigerants of freon as heat transfer media. Played an irreplaceable role. Once appear, not cooling ( Hot) , the situation of indoor machine leakage ( Sometimes water spray) A series of problems such as ice, the machine evaporator. Generally you can judge the central air conditioning is the lack of fluorine. Second, central air conditioning methods to add fluoride 1, with a new copper tube as the right filling connection pipe, with its connection system on the filling valve and media joint on the bottle; Connecting pipe connection every time. 2, in full bottles of cold media, should be to purge the bottle in time the sooner the better, can reduce the loss of refrigerant; 3, in the process of filling make measures to prevent moist air into the system; 4, filling quantity to correct right amount, visible to the refrigerant in the evaporator endoscopic level; 5, after the initial filling refrigerant to observe and make the liquid level; 6, refrigerant or refrigerant filling process, should run refrigeration, cooling pump, cooling water, frozen water cycle, avoid is cold fluid in the tube bundle freeze and burst of brass, when filled volume of the refrigerant in the host, which can be opened, when more than two-thirds in the operation of filling; 7, the balance is reached between the condenser and evaporator pressure and temperature, check the refrigerant liquid level ( This time in the compressor and pump stop running after 4 hours) 。 More than simply introduces how to determine the central air conditioning lack of fluorine, and add specific methods. For the users. Know some information about air conditioning and fluorine is essential, both to ensure your home central air conditioning use effect, also can effectively prolong the service life.
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