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CCTV exposure refrigerant adulterated more selective examination 60 only 5 kinds of qualified

by:Arkool     2020-07-04
Your car ever met just add air conditioning refrigerant, car air conditioning is still without refrigeration? Yesterday, according to CCTV reported the weekly quality report, reporters in Beijing, hangzhou, guangzhou and other places to buy auto parts market 60 kinds of auto refrigerant, only 5 kinds of qualified by the authoritative department detection, qualified rate is less than 10%. Auto parts market more than low refrigerant adulterated journalists in the western suburbs of Beijing auto parts city, some larger, such as its auto parts city auto parts market survey found that a lot of automobile air conditioning refrigerant brands on the market, are generally not into cans packaging, printed with & other; 134a” Single on the outer packing, it is hard to see how the quality is good or bad. The western suburbs of auto parts city a sales staff told reporters, & other; 134a” Actually is a kind of freon, at present as a new environmental protection refrigerants have been widely used in automobile air conditioning. Are printed on the refrigerant on the market while packaging & other; 134a” The difference, but the quality is great. “ Quality is bad tube can be at most a year, to have to change next year. ” The sales staff said. According to the personage inside course of study introduces, at present refrigerant & other; 134a” Raw material prices as high as 70000 yuan per ton, convert the price per gram for more than seven points, a can of 250 grams of net content & other; 134a” , only the raw material cost is close to 20 yuan. 4 s shops sell refrigerant is & other; Fake goods & throughout; Reporter in guangzhou baiyun district 4 s shop more concentrated Yellowstone east road visited five consecutive 4 s shop, found that the 4 s shop owners who use & other; 134a” Refrigerant pricey, highest sell a pot of $50. The 4 s store staff have said that they store use & other 134a” Refrigerant is absolutely true. Reporters from each of these five 4 s store bought double qi and xue qi, the us-japan hin, big banyan four brands of 5 & other; 134a” Refrigerants. By the guangdong product quality supervision and inspection institute of detection, this 5 & other; 134a” All samples of refrigerant is unqualified. Test results showed that these so-called & other; 134a” Inside the refrigerant filling is not the real & other; 134a” But R12. Experts told reporters that 2002 years after the production of cars, air conditioning system is designed for & other 134a” The design, if join R12, R22 and other non & other; 134a” Refrigerants, short time can refrigeration, but long-term use, light will leak, result in automobile air conditioning refrigeration result is bad, serious will cause irreversible damage to the car air conditioning system.
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