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Car maintenance class-save money! DIY your air conditioning filter!

by:Arkool     2021-03-26

After the air conditioner is turned on, the air outlet will emit a dusty smell, which may be caused by the air conditioner filter element being too dirty. At this time, it is necessary to replace the air conditioner filter element. (Note: The air filter element for daily maintenance is not the air conditioner filter element.) In fact, the air conditioner filter element is very cheap. The filter element with activated carbon can be bought for 30 to 40 yuan, and the operation is very simple. It can be replaced completely manually without any tools. Usually when washing the car, you can also remove it and blow it with an air pump to remove dust. The following will tell you the specific steps to replace the air-conditioning filter element. (The model in the picture is for reference only)

1. Find the installation position of the air-conditioning filter element. The car air-conditioning filter element is generally located inside the co-pilot storage box.

Second, open the storage box and take off the hooks on both sides. Due to different models, the way of disassembling the hooks is also different, so riders can pay attention.

3. After removing the hooks on both sides, we will see the installation box of the air conditioner filter element. Gently open the cover to see the filter element.

Four. We take out the old filter element and insert the new filter element. Please install in the direction indicated, do not reverse the direction.

Finally, close the filter cartridge cover, install the storage box, and you're done, isn't it very simple!

Let’s take a look at the comparison between the removed old filter element and the new filter element. The old filter element is full of dirt and dust, which will affect your health.

? Warm reminder: It is advisable to replace the air conditioner filter once every six months!

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