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By 2013 China will stop batch of new refrigerant R22 project

by:Arkool     2020-08-05

Learned, being trained in focus on the hydrogen CFC production standards for admittance into industries has finished, according to the file spirit, before 2013, China will stop batch of new refrigerant R22, although can create R142 project, but the size must be over 5000 tons. Last year, the ministry announced officially launched in China contain CFCS hydrogen elimination operation. 

 According to the Montreal protocol, the country needs in January 1, 2013, the production and use of CFCS will contain hydrogen freeze on average, two years from 2009 to 2010 in 2015 to a 10% cut in the freezing level, 2030 eliminated beyond repair and special purpose. Air conditioning refrigeration market experts think, R22 is prohibited to construct new project represents a reduction in the supply, but is still relatively strong demand in the short term, can be used as a raw material substitute for R410A and R22 itself, so at least the next three to five years is still promise.
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