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Autumn air conditioning on hold before cleaning and maintenance skills

by:Arkool     2020-08-10

Unconsciously, autumn has quietly near, a few games after the baptism of the rain, the temperature is also a sharp decline, the use of air conditioning can finally rest day and night, summer, of course, the north is basically there is no air conditioning in winter, with central heating, directly south in the winter or common use of air conditioning. But think a lot of friends, can be directly unplug the power and air conditioning does not use the away the remote control. In fact, the air conditioning on hold before cleaning and maintenance is also very important, is to ensure that the normal use of the late and prolong the service life of the important steps. General common type of home air conditioning cleaning can be divided into several steps: first step: disconnect air conditioning power supply, open the front panel, and then a little lift air filters in the center of the handle, pull down, remove the air filter. Step 2: cleaning filter. Dust is small, wash with water directly is ok; 

 Dust is long, will be put in water containing neutral detergent soak for about 15 minutes, then rinse off with clear water, dry in the shade, this step is must do. Step 3: with professional air-conditioning cleaning radiator, spray the detergent shake on the radiator, estimated after spraying detergent has function is usually take about half an hour, and then open the air conditioning power switch. Open the air conditioning after a period of time, the fouling on the air conditioning heat sink would be excluded from the drain. Before the fourth step: according to remove the filter, reverse installation screen pack, close the panel let stand for 10 minutes, then open the air conditioning and air volume to maximum, 30 minutes, make it completely dry can. Household central air-conditioning cleaning steps: first step: surface cleaning of indoor and outdoor heat exchanger, removal of dust and can breed bacteria, etc. , so it can improve the efficiency of heat exchanger, prevent the accumulation of harmful substances. The second step: to cleaning and replacement of air filters, air filters is a long-lasting deodorant air filtration filter, it can greatly improve the quality of the fresh air of air conditioning, when cleaning, pay attention to in the process of disassembly don't touching the metal part of the indoor unit, because it is easy to cause damage to it. Step 3: clean the drainage of parts, because the drainage part accumulated dirt is more, need to make a thorough cleaning and disinfection, ensure unblocked drainage. Step 4: deep clean, the circuit control part of central air conditioning dust removal, check the contact parts, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the circuit control part. 

 And then to check work index of the host, to host eliminate hidden danger existing in the operation, handling of some loose parts in a timely manner; Finally, the shell cleaning waxing, makes the shell keep clean and beautiful. General ordinary household air conditioning can oneself at home cleaning, suggested that the central air conditioning, looking for a cleaning company cleaning, be sure to choose the professional company, otherwise may not reach the desired effect, even may do more harm than good.                                

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