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Automotive air conditioning used in what is the difference between two kinds of air conditioning refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-23
With the continuous development of people's living standard, more and more people are buying a car, everyone is gradually concerned about up on air conditioning, however, as we all know the refrigerant composition of car use is what? And what might be the harm to the environment? First of all, have to say is car there are two kinds of commonly used refrigerants, one is R12 the other one is everything. R12 R12( Two fluorine methylene chloride) It is a kind of cooling medium temperature. Its freezing point - Critical temperature 158 ℃, 112 ℃, the standard boiling point - 29. 79℃。 At room temperature with dissolved mineral lubricating oil arbitrary proportion, it is colorless, tasteless, odorless, when the concentration of 20% in the air, people begin to feel that too much concentration in the air caused people suffocation death. Refrigerant R12 not burning, not the explosion, but contact with open flame will decompose toxic phosgene. For steel, iron, copper and so on do not corrode metal, but have a expansion effect on natural rubber and common plastic, R12 permeability is strong, easy cracks through the combination of machinery and equipment, casting the holes and thread junction leakage. Its impact on the environment: freon as part of the CFC as refrigerant R12 impact on global environment, long service life, the leak in the atmosphere is the ODP, GEP is higher, its life for 120 years, after the release in earth's atmosphere, its influence can be continued for several years. When these chlorofluorocarbons to rise to the earth's stratosphere atmosphere, can react with high concentrations of ozone, the ozone decay chain catalytic effect. A chlorine atom in destroying an ozone molecules in to destroy the other. So continue, each atom could destroy some 100000 ozone molecules, resulting in destruction of the ozone layer. Everyone knows it is to protect our earth, ozone layer as the destruction of our human has brought disaster. To the person's body, our industrial and agricultural intensifies the greenhouse effect. So as part of the first of all, the alternative refrigerants, which limits the long-term use of R12. Everything everything is in the medium voltage refrigerant warm, all of its performance is very similar with R12, better heat transfer performance and chemical stability, nonflammable, when replace CFCS refrigerant refrigeration system and equipment changes to less, so the current everything is seen as a preferred alternative refrigerant R12. Requirements for sealing material is higher, should increase enclosed refrigeration compressor motor winding insulation class. The environmental impact: belong to HFCs refrigerant R134a has a matter, life is short, is found in the atmosphere have less effect on the global environment. Everything working process is relatively complicated, the production cost is higher. Of course, with the future development of science and technology, the future will be more energy saving and environmental protection refrigerants.
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